I am thankful I stumbled upon this site…

I had purchased Hartz Ultra guard pro at a local grocery for dogs 4-15 pounds. After grooming and bathing my 2yr old, 9 pound Malti-poo last night I had applied the product according to the box directions. I have this ocd habit of rechecking my work. My dog also loves to lay at the foot of my bed. Imediately After applying this product I noticed it was very smelly in an astringent way and very greasy looking. I wanted to see how long it would take to set so we could go to sleep, so I googled it… This site was third down. I clicked it and read the top story about poor Spooky the cat. My deepest sympathy goes out to anyone who has lost a dear friend to a lethal Hartz or another brand of product. My first thought was, I gotta get this stuff off! I am soooo sorry Pepper! I bathed him a few times with dawn soap to get that garbage off of him. Luckily I only had Hartz on him for 10 mins or less. Poor little guy, he was probably wondering what he did to deserve three baths! I called the 24 hour vet hospital and they told me to keep an eye out for vomiting, loose bowels, fatigue, muscle fatigue, seisures, foaming at the mouth, appetite loss, decreased fluid intake and anything out of the norm. That there tells me something the public doesn’t know about these products that we should know. It just makes me sick to read these horror stories about this (as I am recently enlightened) horrible company. Years ago, I remember Hartz being recommended in vet offices, and my buying decision was based solely on that. I am watching him through the morning hours, and so far he seems alright. Thank you everyone for these posts, It has saved a precious life!

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