Hartz Smokey Bones

DO NOT buy or feed Hartz Smokey Bones to any pet! We bought a 3 pack and gave 1 ea to our 3 dogs. All 3 had to have emergency gastro surgery to remove the fragments, had we not done so I am very sure 2 of the 3 would have died.

2 thoughts on “Hartz Smokey Bones”

  1. Again, I am a journalist remaining objective, but, why had you not done research and known that certain dogs cannot have certain types of bones? That’s commonly known… Im pretty sure. I mean, we cant let our dog have rawhide or chew bones – he never had them and he’s 12….

  2. It’s really not just an issue of certain products for certain dogs. I have 3 dogs, all of them different in every way, all 3 had to have their stomaches and intestines opened up. Using your thought process, should they have all experienced the same outcome? Here is a case of a product that has had a horrible track record since 2008, made known to the mfg. They still produce and sell the product despite the issues which I find negligent on their part. There is absolutely a responsibility on our part to research within reason, and monitor what we feed or treat our pets with. In this case we made a mistake selecting a product from a well known, well branded company. Here’s their corporate Mission Statement, you tell me if they are living it, selling a product with almost a 5 year history of problems like Smokey Bones.

    “At Hartz, we strengthen the bond between all pets and their families by providing innovative, trustworthy and affordable products; along with the knowledge and support to care for pets.”

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