2 months in hell

On Sept. 6th, we used Sentry Purrscription Flea & Tick on our 6 cats. The next morning, Arthur, our two year old male cat started having seizures and had to be rushed to an emergency vets. After $180.00 he was treated and sent home. Later that afternoon, my husband, Dave was admitted to the emergency room because his tongue and throat started to swell. Over the next 4 weeks, he was in the emergency room 4 more times for facial and neck swelling and that was even after we bathed all the cats twice in Dawn. Finally, the Doctor insisted that he move out for three weeks while I cleaned the house, top to bottom including all the the duct work. Thankfully, everyone is now home and safe. When we called the product hot line, they didn’t seem to interested. But I tell anyone who has pets to NEVER use any of the OTC flea medications, that they are killing and maiming pets. The FDA and the EPA need to start regulating OTC pet products. Meanwhile, we need to continue to spread the word and hit them where it hurts, in their bank accounts

2 thoughts on “2 months in hell”

  1. i am writing to the lady who said her husband dave was takenb to the hospitol after using this product. my famuily has also been harmed by this product. I am begging anybody who has had any human injury of any kind even if is minoot to please get ahold of me. we have a case pending against these tyrants. please lets not let them get away with harming anyone else. Thank you so much.

  2. Dear Peggy

    The problem is that the Doctors refused to say that my husbands reaction was due to the flea and tick medication. They admitted that it was “Likely” but would not test him for the actual allergic reaction. So we are not able to move forward with any legal issues with out confirmation that the medication was the culprit. So all we can do is continue to spread the word. But thank you for thinking of us.

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