1kitten died 2 still fighting

I used flea medicine on my kittens on Monday the 12th. Within hour I was rushing them to them vets. On the 13th I had to sign papers to let our Boots go he would never pull out. Today the other 2 may come home they are little fighters. I never knew any of this about it killing our lil family members this has to stop!! This has devastated our family at a time when we should be happy. My daughter has token it extremely bad as Boots was her baby I called him her shadow. I hope this stops before more families go thru the hell we have. May God bless all your lil family members. Also beware for your dogs as well as my Mazy had a small reaction as well. I will never use over the counter meds again of any kind an If am in the stores I will warn all people I see buying them.For use to save a little bit of money an buy the store brand my bill will be the lost of 1 kitten so far an 1200.00 vet bill.

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