My 1 year old cat, Spooky is dying..

I used Hartz One Spot on my beautiful sleek black cat named Spooky on Wednesday, Dec. 7, in the afternoon. By evening, the cat was listless. I bathed him to remove the flea treatment oil from his fur and it didn’t all come out. On Thursday, he slept all day. He did not eat, or drink, even though I offered it to him every half hour. By Thursday night, I picked him up and tried to put him down on the floor to stand up- he collapsed. I brought him to the vet on Friday, telling him what I had done. He admitted him to his hospital, and put him on I.V. drip because he was so very dehydrated, and also put him on an anti-toxin medicine. They have bathed him since he got there also. I called the vet this morning, and he said Spooky is not better, but not worse. He also said the neuro-toxin from Hatrz One Spot will permanently affect Spooky IF HE RECOVERS. Has anyone experienced any lasting side-effects/ damage with their babies/pets? I am a very financially poor person- I cannot work since June and have applied for disability- haven’t received it yet, so I am asking- does anyone know where I can get financial help for my baby/pet? I live in Southwest Virginia- in Christiansburg. Please advise, as I am at a loss…

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  1. Hi! I’m sorry to hear of your issue with your cat. I have 2 myself and have used hartz flea collars in the past and am currently using them now I have never personally had an issue with them as of yet.
    I am in Canada and I know there is a foundation called the Farley Foundation and they help with vet bills if you have a pet in need and you qualify, I’m not sure if they are a Canadian fund or Amarican but it is certainly worth looking into. There may be something out there similar to them.
    Good luck and please post to let me know how it works out.

  2. Sorry to hear about Spooky. You must be devastated.
    I’m not a person of prayer, but I hope that you will find strength within you to grieve, but not become depressed.


  3. About an hour ago I put the Hartz one a month flea drops on my 1 1/2 year old cat. About 5 minutes after I applied them she started drooling and foaming at the mouth, running around as if something was attacking her, and did not want me to come near her (she is usually very affectionate and trusting). I immedialty bathed her, held her for a 1/2 hour and she seems to be okay at the moment. But it did not all come off, so thanks to seeing your story I will bath her again. As far as for what you’re going through I am so sorry for you and your cat, I hope he fully recovers asap. I had a similar financial hardship with my dog when he was hit by a car and ended up needing surgery and years of vet visits and aftercare. I would suggest that you contact your local humane society, sometimes they can help pet owners that take good care of their pet and have an emergency sitituation such as this. If not, try to find a vet that will take over care at their office, work with you on fees and payments, and remove him from the hospital. Because pet hospitals are extremely expensive in comparison to the hospitals. Of course only if this will not put your cats life in anymore danger. Please update on your experience as I think that people telling their stories will help save other pets and their owners from the same traumas.

  4. That is very sad. Poor Spooky. I was lucky my cat Oscar survived after putting Hartz flea meds on his neck….A few hours afterwards, he had a seizure lasting about 1 minute. I immediately took him to the emergency vet where they kept him over night, bathed him, gave him fluids and IV meds.

    It seems as though Hartz is conspiring to destroy the pet population. I am sure they have had 1000’s of complaints so why the hell are they still producing this poison?

  5. I have two 1 1/2 year old cat and one of them is very weak and not eating or drinking…i tried force-feeding him but he wont take it…i washed him in flea shampoo just a minute ago……….,,NEED HELP ASAP….I DONT WANT HIM TO DIE AND LEAVE HIS BROTHER ALONE!!!!

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