Hartz Flea Collar almost killed my cat

Milo is at the vet as I type.  I found him at 1 am this morning lethargic and vomiting.  When he tried to get up and walk his back legs wouldn’t hold him up.  I took him to the vet as soon as they opened and the vet tech who met me at the door immediately snipped off his collar and started asking questions.  His body temp was extremely low and his gums were pale.  All of these were signs of poisoning.  When the vet called me at 9:51am this morning she had him on an IV catheter and was going to pull bloodwork for CBC/Chem Panel.  She called me back at 10:40am and said that she thought I had brought him in just in time.  His kidneys and liver were in beginning stages of failure and he was unable to urinate.  He now has a urinary catheter in as well as an IV and will have to stay there atleast until Sat…and that’s only as long as he can urinate tomorrow after the catheter comes out.   I had only put on the Hartz Plus Flea Collar a little over a week ago and had no idea that I was slowly killing my kitty.  I’ve never had an issue w/any flea collars, topicals, sprays, powders, etc before.

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  1. We constantly preach to people to NOT use flea collars. They kill alot of animals b/c you are putting that thing so close to where they breath. Some people even double up with the collar and flea meds. You will certainly kill your animal doing this. I hope kitty is okay and that people learn from this

  2. My kitty name was “rose” she was very playful and love to eat. We named her Rose because of how pretty she was. Rose was all white with brown patches and a pint nose…i notice when I would her a bath with hurtz flea and tic shampoo she would be a little off balance for a hour or so but because my family love to cuddle so much with rose I went and brought a flea collar and put it on rose the next day she is in the middle of the floor screaming for help. I tried to feed her she rejected her food she was so weak she tried to take three steps and fell. We decided to take off the collar hoping for better results over night got up the next morning she still was the same we tried to talk to her, get her to run around nothing work. My family left the living room where rose was at for 10 minutes went back to check on her and she wasn’t breathing,every one was crying and my son tried to do CPR but it didn’t work… now what I’ll heart is hurting we are going to miss my Rose

  3. I made the horrible, regrettable mistake of buying one of these five dollar pieces of crap from Walmart . it was on my cat for less than 24 hours and will probably be the death of her. My cat is a kind it would come to me anytime I would call her name no matter where she was in the house . We rescued her as a kitten from the middle of the street and she imprinted on me like I was her parent . When I called her name and she didn’t come I knew something was wrong , I found her in a box upstairs hiding like she was dying. she was lethargic, had severe anal leakage and mucus. I took her to the vet the next morning where they put her on IV. at first she look like she was gonna have a full recovery but she would not eat or drink and when we brought her home she quickly went downhill again. right now she’s at the vet and they’re trying appetite stimulants to get her to eat or drink but if those don’t work we’re gonna have to put her down. I called hartz and filed a complaint, and I will be sending them all the packaging with a letter from my doctor indicating it was a flea collar that did this . I don’t know if they’re gonna reimburse me but no amount of money will make up for the Heartache and guilt I feel knowing I most likely killed my cat. I chose a flea collar because I was afraid of other options and I thought that it was shortly the safest. in the past I abused flea powder successfully on this cat but I was still worried about potential side effects and toxicity… so I figured something worn around the neck and not directly sprayed on the cat was a better idea . I could not of been more wrong. the warnings or rather lack there of on their product infuriates me

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