My Wife and I had two cats and un fortuneatly we used hartz mountain

flea medicine Both cats got sick .Took them to the Vet ,one died the other

one is deathly sick .Don’t know what to do.

Please Help


please help

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  1. I am so sorry for your loss, we nearly lost our cat when we used the same stuff on her, luckily they were able to save her after a blood transfusion and a couple nights in the emergency room.. Save all your information and go to the links this great website has provided and share your info.. we need to get this off the market.

  2. so sorry to hear about your cats, i just went through this same thing Sept 13th…… we lost our beloved Junior. 7 mo old kitten. I wish someone had warned me…. Im now on a campaign to STOP Hartz ! write as many letters as you can to Hartz, to WalMart, Kmart to media… every vet you can. ive even made a bright orange T shirt that i wear to WalMart Kmart etc…. BOYCOTT HARTZ. ppl actually stop and ask me about it….. i promised Junior and my 7 yr old heartbroken son, he did not die in vain. i WILL spread the news , my cat died from the flea powder that i put on the rugs !…. All of Hartz products are to blame. read on… the many stories on this site…. you wont believe what you read… yet they are still selling this poison…. they must be stopped ! again very soory for your loss. Suzy

  3. Yet it is not just Hartz poisons that are killing pets.To focus in one one company makes the rest look like viable alternatives. I had a dog BLISTER along his entire back from frontline in 2005, never used anything like that again and started doing my OWN research
    Lime the yard 2 x a year ( in acidic soil)
    Bathe weekly, small glove of garlic on food twice a week, raw diet or holistic foods ONLY ( read labels, NO SUGARsucrose cornsyrup,fructose etc.After all do we forget the lessons learned from spilled sugar in our kitchens? IT DRAWS INSECTS
    I can live with the occasional flea I have to comb off
    If you have pets its like having kids, YOU are responsible for 100 % of their welfare, THEY cannot do it!
    Be grown up, don’t be lazy, DO IT FOR THEM
    DONT believe everything you see and hear or read in media, the commercials/ads are their money makers, they WONT change

  4. A lot of the other medications ARE viable alternatives. Also, while garlic is considered OKAY to use to try to ward off pests, it is actually not very healthy for your pet. You are right though, we are 100% responsible for our pets, so do a little more research next time.

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