Hartz nearly killed my cat


This is my cat Jackson. My husband and I noticed a flea or two over a span of a few days. One day we were at Walmart and he grabbed some Hartz Ultraguard for cats- the flea and tick drops. We put the stuff on both of our cats. The next night, we didn’t notice any reaction BUT the stuff was so greasy and disgusting on them, that we decided to give them baths. We washed it all off. That is the day I began noticing that all Jackson was doing was sleeping. I didn’t think much of it because cats sleep most of the day as it is. But it did seem to be a lot. I never saw her anymore. One day a few weeks later, she ventured out into the living room and jumped up onto the couch next to me. When I touched her to pet her, I was shocked. She was skin and bones. I mean you could feel every bone in her body petting her. It was truly horrifying. The picture on the left is from that day. This is what Hartz did to her.  At the time, I still couldn’t think of what could have caused her to suddenly stop eating. Until we took her to the vet and told her around the time that it happened and she said it could be that she licked the Hartz off of herself or the other cat, it probably made her feel sick and lose her appetite. A once extremely energetic, cuddly, tiny bit chubby, and probably the most playful cat I’ve ever seen to a severely anorexic, lethargic, dying cat in just a few weeks. It cost a lot of money (afforded only because I had thousands in savings) and almost cost us her life just to get the brand of flea and tick drops that is a little less expensive. It’s been many months since this happened and overnight vet stays, shots, pills, force feedings of anorexia food several times a day, and so on, and she is happy and healthy again- the right picture is the after shot. But after this, I will never use a Hartz product again, I will make sure to let everyone that I know with pets knows about this, and I will also never use a product on my cats without researching it online. If I had ever heard of what it can do, read about it, or seen this site even, I wouldn’t ever have risked my babies lives. Some people might not understand, not everyone gets so attached to their pets. But some people think of their animals as family members and it hurts deeply to lose one. Share what you know so that we can all help prevent this disgusting product from killing another innocent pet.






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  1. Lucky your cat lived…HARTZ Product KILLED my cat in October….. And yet they continue to produce the product…Hartz Ultra Guard flea & tick spray…. Stay away from HARTZ PRODUCTS….

  2. Do not use this stuff on any of your pets. My cat Doom started shaking uncontrollably right after I put it on her. I immediately washed it all off. When I talked to the vet for what I thought was just an allergic reaction to the flea drops, she said she saw this kind of thing all the time from Hartz. Why is this poison still on the shelves??

  3. I’m glad your cat is doing better. These products are poison. What I don’t understand is how someone who claims their pet is a family member could go “weeks” without seeing their animal and not realizing it wasn’t eating. The bowl of un eaten food wasn’t a clue? Sounds like not just the Hartz company is to blame on this one.

  4. First of all, if you’re looking to troll people online and be rude, this isn’t the place. The point of this site is to share stories and make people aware of what the product does. Not to make insulting comments to people you don’t know.

    Second, I have 2 other cats who eat the food. So NO, the bowl wasn’t full all the time. I was and am constantly refilling it several times a day.

    Lastly, she was a stray we took in and has always been very skittish. She has always spent a lot of time hiding and sleeping under blankets, under the couch, and in places where she isn’t totally visible. If you’re insinuating that I neglected her, you’re incorrect. If I didn’t care about her, I wouldn’t have spent over $1000 to save her. But thanks so much. I’m extremely happy that she’s all better and she’s a very happy, healthy cat. As well as our two others.

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