We have 2 dogs and 1 cat, and they all came into contact with fleas. We bought hartz shampoo for dogs, and also the flea drops thinking we were helping our animals by treating their fleas. We did not realize that what we were actually doing was poisoning them and almost killing them. Immediatly after applying the flea drops to our one small dog and cat, the animals began acting strange. The cat began howling and panting, running around and hiding underneath blankets, and began twitching in the legs. The dog had similar symptoms but not nearly as servere as our poor cat. We immediatly washed all the animals with soap and water and rushed them all to the vet. As soon as we mentioned to the vet that we had used HARTZ products the vet took the animals and put them on IV’s to flush out the toxins from their system. The vet advised us if we had waited 24-48 hours that the cat would not have made it his symptoms were so severe!! After all the animals were kept for 24 hours and a vet bill for about $800, they were brought back home and back to normal within a few days. It was human neglegence on our part for NOT knowing that using dog products on cats could be deadly, but the fact that they sell this product on the shelves of most pet stores and even wal-marts makes me sick! This product poisons animals and is made of almost 85% PESTICIDES which have been banned to use on lawns, but we can sell them to put on our PETS!!?? Many people think their helping their poor pets and in reality may actually be killing them, the labels do not show enough warning about the severe side effects this product truly has on small animals. We need to have better laws in effect to protect our animals, and ban products like this from being sold!

My cat Gizmo.

I have an 11 year old cat named Gizmo. The other day we gave her a flea treatment from Hartz and later that night she was having sseizures almost every hour sometimes a little quicker. Shes at the vets now and if she does not improve in 24 hours we will be forced to put her down. I have had this cat since i was six and nothing pains me more than seeing her in this condition. Its just not right and this has to stop.

Pup nealry died from tiny exposure to HARTZ FLEA AND TICK POWDER

We brought home our 8 wk old chihuahua/daschund pup last week. We have an older dog, a 15 lb Shiba Mix, who came home from the vet a few months ago, after getting spayed, with fleas that have been resistant to all known flea products. We have used Frontline religiously along with baths, DE, etc and still we have  small flea population. As soon as the pup got home, the fleas went after him. I felt terrible. After picking fleas for a few days, I decided to use HARTZ FLEA AND TICK POWDER on my older dog to see if that would help cut down on the fleas.

We have had animals my entire life, and I am a well educated individual, so I consider myself to be an educated and responsible pet owner. I read the directions on the container, including the warning “Do not use on puppies under 12 weeks of age.” However, I did not go on-line to research the product before applying to the older dog. I wish I had done my research. I would have found this site and saved our poor little guy his hours of agony.   

I applied about 1/2 teaspoon of powder to the older dog, and kept the dogs separate for about 6 hours. I let them play together for a while, then they were separated again. Early the next afternoon, I went to wake the pup as he seemed to be sleeping longer than normal. He was lying on his back with his legs curled up like a dead bug. He could not stand at all, could not hold up his head, or focus his eyes. He was making a low moaning sound and, as I held him, he had a seizure. I immediately suspected the flea powder. I went online and found this site. Imagine my horror to discover so many victims and such a poor prognosis! I rushed him to the vet where he received supportive care (the only thing available as there is no antidote) and thankfully he recovered. In the waiting room with me were two other pet owners who were there due their own pets being POISONED WITH HARTZ PRODUCTS!!!! The vet stated “we see this every day and this has been going on for years. You are very lucky that your pup had a tiny exposure for a short period. He would have died otherwise.” What is going on here??? How can this company, legally and morally, continue to produce and market these products. A warning stating “Do not use on…” is not the same thing as “DANGER: Do not use anywhere near…” I have posted our story on Facebook with a link to this site. I hope that will help save at least one innocent life….

Thanks for saving Meatball.

I want to thank everyone for sharing their stories.  When I was growing up Hartz was the flea medication recommended by my veterinarian for our oodles of cats.  Recently we found a tick on our dog, Ted, and ordered him some Frontline Plus from 1-800-Pet-Meds, but as a side thought when we were at the local grocery store, we picked up some Hartz UltraGuard for our cat, Meatball.   Meatball hadn’t had any issues other than dry skin, but we thought if Ted was picking up things in his daily romps outside, there was a chancy Meaty could get something by just hanging out near Ted’s favorite sleeping spots.

We put the Hartz on Meatball and that night he vomited all of his food back up and turned our bathroom into a horror story of half chewed food.  His litter box could have been considered a WMD due to the horrific smells from his bowel movements.  He was lethargic; he didn’t want to eat (very serious for him- he’s a fat little guy, hence “Meatball”).  I searched Google for pet reactions to flea treatments and came across this site.  Many of you reported the same issues.

Needless to say, he immediately got a bath with Dawn dish soap (it works for oil covered ducks, right?) and he is on his way back to normal.  Half a day later, his stomach seems to have calmed down , he has taken an active interest in drinking water (and chowing small meals) and is overall acting better.  We are still keeping an eye on him, but he’s definitely headed in the right direction.

Hartz Ultra Guard Pro Scare

Went to local CVS because my cat Penelope had fleas, so I didn’t think it would be a big deal to buy something to combat the fleas.  So I took the Hartz Ultra Guard Pro Flea & Tick Drops and did as indicated.  Afterward, I decided to research it, I usually do my research before hand, but I was distracted.  Lesson learned, don’t ever give your cat anything OTC unless approved by the Vet.  I started reading the horror stories about it, and I was so scared I stayed up all night with her watching for anything unusual in her behavior or any twitching, but luckily nothing.  In the morning, she was her usual self, waiting to play and ate her breakfast.  I took precaution and washed it off with Dawn liquid soap by using a sponge and just washing the spot where I stupidly applied it.  Then I took her to vet to have her checked out.  The doc said she will be fine, that if she were to have a reaction, it would be sudden, usually within 1 – 2 hours.  The doc gave her a Capstar pill for her fleas, and gave me Frontline to apply in 2 days since she may still have the hartz in her system.  It’s already been 23 hours, and Penelope is still her usual self.  I couldn’t tell you how worried and horrified I was that we are in the United States, and this product has been known to cause wicked side effects, and yet it’s still on the shelf.  I asked the doc if he gets cases like this, and he said, yes that he gets them all the time.  He also mentioned that since the box for cats and dogs look alike, people will mistake it, and apply the dog ultra guard to their cat, which results in a toxic reaction.  I hope writing this will help someone on the steps to take if you did the same as I.   I will continue to monitor her for the next day, because I’m still a little worried, but the vet calmed me down.

Plum my Chihuahua…

WOW! I cannot believe that the Hartz company would even put something like this on the market!! I Have given this to my poor chihuahua for several months now. And he has been so severely sick! His back legs were immobile, Vomiting, Diarrhea and not to mention the horrible cries me makes often!! And this is a month after his last dose!!! I couldn’t figure out what has been wrong with Plum. I had been giving him the Flea and tick liquid that you run down his back once a month. As well as the mite ear drops!!! Plum now has open sores on the tips of his ears, and a couple on his underbelly!! I am thankful that my precious dog has not died from this but I am so very sorry for the people who have lost their precious pet because of some sick company trying to make a couple bucks!!!!!!!! DO NOT CONTINUE USING ANY OF THEIR PRODUCTS!! I have to now make my dog an appointment for the vets and hope there is no serious damage to his liver or kidneys or who knows what!!!!! I AM SO SORRY THAT I HAD EVER GIVEN HIS ANY OF THEIR PRODUCTS!! HE ALMOST DIED!!!!!

Hartz Replacement Milk

Recently my fiance and myself found two stray kittens, we went and bought some Hartz replacement milk a long with soft cat food. We tried to give the kittens the replacement milk they took no interest in it. So we mixed it with the soft food, thinking they needs the extra supplement from the milk. Well kitten have been fine for week now. Then today had run out of soft food for them so I just mixed a batch of just formula for them right before we left to take my son to the doctor. Upon returning home we noticed our once very lively kittens were acting very weird. We rushed them to the local animal emergency animal clinic which was “unable to check out the kittens without paying 88$ per kitten plus treatment cost which sadly we don’t have atm. So we decided rather then sign our kittens over to the local humane society so they could get cared for we’d try to calls friend/family to borrow the money first. On our way home we stopped and got more soft food to try to feed them. When we got home we plated the food without the hartz milk and noticed one of our kitten Stewie was very aggressive towards the food even growling like he was starved. After both kitten ate the soft food they have started to act like themselves, we also noticed vomit in the tub we were keeping them which we did not notice before we rushed to the vet. So at this point I realized the only thing that we’d done different with them was feed them straight Hartz Replacement Milk which we had never done before. So I decided to search for more info about the Milk, found the stories on here and reviews for the Milk. We are taking both kitten in the morning to a vet that accept payment plans, but as it is now both kittens are doing great and acting like themselves.

I’ve decided to take POISON stickers and put them on the Hartz Products at wal-mart next time I go in.


What did this product do to my dog ?

I put a Hartz flea and tick collar on my dog over the weekend. He woke up this morning with all 4 legs moving so fast he couldnt stand, he finally started to walk and was falling into walls, falling flat in the floor. He couldnt see, he didnt seem to know who I was. I have never seen anything like it. I immediately thought he was having a reaction to the collar and removed it. After what seemed like forever, he began to calm down and came to me exhausted, but he still didnt seem to be able to see. He is now laying on the couch sleeping like he is exhausted, but he seems to be ok . That is when I started looking online to see if it could have been the collar, and found your website. I wish I would have thought to explore the subject before using the collars , but Hartz has been around forever , you think it would be a safe product !!!! Has anyone else had a dog have this reaction, and if so was it only once or is this going to be a permanent thing ?

Sergeant’s Gold Flea & Tick is HORRIFIC STUFF!!!

My daughter bathed both of our little doggies and then innocently applied Sergeant’s Gold Flea & Tick (liquid) to the backs of both of our chichuahuas and what followed was HORRIFIC! The next morning there was an overwhelming amount of vomit all over our kitchen floor and both dogs were acting strangely! Our female chichuahua, Honey (5 lbs) was spastic and was running around wildly and flapping her ears by shaking her head wildly! Rascal, our 8 lb male chichuahua was twitching and couldn’t stand… all he could do was sit and wheeze while his stomach audibly rolled from not eating (or losing all that he ate!). I immediately called the emergency hotline given on the back of the box to see what to do. I was advised to bathe both of the dogs in dishwashing detergent to remove the oils from their fur and that they’re reactions would subside within 24 hours… NOT THE CASE! We were helpless, as the vet was closed and the next day was Sunday and we couldn’t afford to take them to the emergency vet.

Both of our dogs’ ears had turned fire red and they have both been flapping there heads and scratching their heads and bodies wildly as if they have water in their ears. I administered Benadryl to both animals in an desperate attempt to help alleviate their symptoms. This seemed to help slightly with the redness and itching, but they still continue to have symptoms! I am taking them both to the vet today for an official diagnosis and will report back….

When I called Sergeants, they took my name and information about my pets, asked for the barcode info, then continued on to tell me that I had probably “overdosed” my dogs and that they “shouldn’t be having these symptoms”… DUH! I KNOW this stuff is evil and had some kind of neurologic affect on both of my pets and refuse to believe that they just had a “temporary allergic” reaction that should have cleared after bathing them. After I googled it, I found LOADS of complaint and warning regarding this product… wish I had looked there FIRST before I administered!