Scared and I don’t know if my dog has it

I have an 8 year old wiener dog name Sallie. She is a little small for most wiener dogs. Anyway, I noticed she has been having fleas for a few weeks and I started getting fleas too. My mom put a white flea collar on her (I don’t know if it’s Hartz). Sallie still has fleas and I just wanted to help her get rid of them. I remembered that we had Hartz 2 in 1 rid flea shampoo, we have had it for a bit and it’s half empty from it being used either on sallie before or out blonde lab, I’m not sure. I didn’t put too much on her, so little that on some parts where I put it I couldn’t even see the foam from rubbing it on her fur. I washed it off well and then dried her off with a towl. As always, she started running around the house and wanted me to chase her. She liked her paws and legs because they were still a little damp (I didn’t put the shampoo on her legs because they were submerged in the water). That was a few hours ago and she didn’t seem ill or anything. I read that they get sick within 1 – 2 hours if they do get sick. Afterwards, I was looking up the information on Hartz to see if it’s known to do the job and get rid of fleas well and then I came across the page. I immediately went upstairs to check on her but she was sleeping with my patents, I went to pick her up but she growled at me like always and she seemed a little tired (I just woke her up). My dad wanted to keep her so I went downstairs but I threw out the Hartz shampoo and I’m never using Hartz again! I’m still worried that she might get sick. She has been my friend for 8 years and knowing that she got sick or died from a product I used on her would be unbearable.

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  1. I really don’t think you have anything to worry about. I don’t think that she will get sick or die from this encounter with the Shampoo. I read that the leading cause of illness or death from the application of the Shampoo is using way too much. (The flea medications are a different story!) Anyway, it doesn’t sound as if you over applied the product. I would not worry about this at all but it is very good that you threw the rest of the product away. You can comb Sallie and your other dog and get as many fleas as you can off of them and kill them with water and dawn dish soap in a bucket. Just throw the fleas in the dawn/water solution and they’ll die. Then just bathe them with another shampoo (you can look up reviews for safer shampoos) and kill as many fleas as you can that way. Finally, you should get some Frontline if your parents will agree to it and they’ll be flea free!

  2. OMG the last commenter recommended FRONTLINE..
    ARGH that almost burned 50% of my dogs skin.
    NONE of these chemical warfare agents are SAFE for neither pet nor human. Google for this article ” are spot on treatments safe” by the WHOLE DOG JOURNAL
    Step away from chemicals..if it kills bugs, it can kill you too, in incremental little steps .
    SoAP water works best and the flea comb once a day a check with keep it under control, and a NO SWEETS/SUGAR diet, read the labels of your dogs food !
    remember spilled sugar in the kitchen…what is drawn to sugar , but INSECTS

  3. Frontline is a good product. I have used Frontline on all of my dogs for years and years and have never seen any ill effects. Frontline is considered safe and many vets recommend Frontline. Soap water does work as well as a flea comb but it is best to treat the dog with a trusted Flea medication because a flea comb will not kill eggs and such. I stick by my recommendation. I’m sorry if your dog had 50% of his skin burned by Frontline. All that means though is YOUR dog should not use Frontline again. Also, just because fleas prefer the taste of high amounts of sugar in blood does not mean that if you feed your dog a healthy diet that the fleas will just jump right off. I’m sorry to say but a healthy diet will do very little to protect your pet from a flea attack, that idea is just absurd. Your best bet is to use a trusted medication.

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