Hartz Needs to be Illegal!!!

We had no idea that Hartz Flea and Tick medication’s main ingredient is BANNED by the EPA as a pesticide but is still being sold on shelves at chain store to APPLY to your dog! This is absolutely unacceptable and we are sorry we had to learn by seeing our 4 month old puppy get extremely sick. This product needs to stop being sold and people need to know that it can kill your best friend! I will do whatever I can to make sure people know the dangers of this product and we are writing a letter now to the grocery chain.

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  1. Great happy to hear someone is doing what im doing…. Im writing letters to everyone i can think of. Hartz first. then every store i can think of.. media, vets, ive even made a T shirt.. bright orange, i wear to WalMart and Kmart, it has on it BOYCOTT HARTZ their product will KILL your PETS, front and back. i bet ive had 100 ppl ask me about it…. start spreading the word. I just wish someone had told me before i put rug powder down. and it killed my 7 mo old kitten Junior… my sons best friend. I promised both of them hE did not die in vain.. I WILL stop HARTZ…… ill fight them till my dying day. Please Help me in this crusade ! tell as many ppl as you can ! thank you Suzy

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