Hi, i have 2 dogs and a cat and one day i realized hat one of my dogs were itching, so first thing that came to my mind way fleas. i searched the 3 animals throughly and found 2 fleas. so my first thought was the vet, but after having my animals at the vet for check ups not too long before and the bill not being that cheap , i decided to shop around a little. I was at walmart and i was told by an employee that HARTZ flea and tick remover for dogs works well on dogs and would be fine on cat to, and with that being the answer i was looking for i bought it, without reading what was contained in these little tubes, and what they would do to your pets. I got home and with the pack containing 3 tubes and the directions ssaying use a full tube on each animal with a couple drops on the neck and by the tail, i did. The two dogs were normal but within a few hours the cat was walking funny like it had arthritis or somthing and limping. i thought it was normal becasue his fur was a little wet from the flea remover that was put on. I woke the next morning and went to my living room and my cat was just lid there shaking like it had parkinsons or something, then i was worried and knew right away what had did it to him, his breathing was almost stopped, he was shaking, had a major fever, not eating, and not using the bathroom. i rushed the cat to the vet 3 hours away, and the cat was hooked up to iv immediately, and givin some medication, the cat was doing ok within 24 hours. The doctor at the vet was sooo mad, telling me that this s*** should be taken off the shelves and also that its being sold in the same isle as food, treats and toys for dogs and cats in disgraceful.Anyway i picked the cat up from the vet today, two days later and he seems to be doing ok but not 100% back to normal. I have a letter written from the vet herself saying that this stuff should be taken off the shelves and is not safe for pets or humans to even be in contact with, and i will be sending this in to hartz themselves. i advise taking your pet in to the vet to be treated properly.


  1. Good job, Josh, and lucky for you and Felix. My Princess was not so lucky, she died within 3 days of putting a Hartz Ultra Guard Flea Collar on her. Please, all of you need to BOMBARD Hartz with all of your stories, complaints, veterinary opinions, and petitions. While I did get Hartz to cover a necropsy at the Univeristy of Illinois. Guess who it favored? THEM. The report says my 2 year-old-cat died of jaundice, renal (kidney) failure and heart failure!!!!! Now, don’t you think i would have noticed something was wrong with my cat? She died this way because she was poisoned!!!!!! I don’t know how anyone at this company sleeps at night. Oh, I got it. It’s so that they can make a buck.

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