Instant bad reaction to Sergeants Silver.

I was convinced that my older cat (and myself) was suffering from fleas so I bought Sergeant’s Silver Flea and Tick killer in powder form and rubbed it over her body. Within minutes she starting behaving very strangely and foamed out the mouth profusely. I put her in the garage where she continued to behave very strangely and I noticed that her eyes weren’t dilating properly.

We called the helpline and got no response and it wasn’t until I found this website that I figured out that the product was extremely harmful to my cat. I washed her off in the shower and she seems to be doing better now but it breaks my heart to think I could have KILLED her if I had applied a stronger dose or she had gotten outside and I wasn’t able to bathe her.

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  1. Did same thing with my schnauzers, drooling,vomit,twitches,emergency care at vet.
    Bad on this company an all of them for selling over counter! I almost killed my dog with this stuff.

  2. Well, this may just be the reaction to ingesting the product. I bought some Sergeant’s Silver Flea and Tick Spray for Cats (which is similar, only in liquid spray-on form) and my cat started getting a foamy mouth and was pretty cranky and strange for a few days. But after a while, he went right back to normal. I noticed that this was after all the spray had been worked out of his fur. I called the Sergeant’s hotline and they responded very quickly. They told me that it’s normal for that to happen and it’s not harming the cat in any way. It turns out, he licked his fur in the same spot where I put the product on and (since it is, in essence, a soap) that’s what made his mouth frothy. It’s also normal for a cat to drool a lot and puke when they eat something they don’t like. I’m sure we’ve all cleaned up our share of cat puke. My cat, for one, will vomit for little reason at all. I can’t imagine this tasting too good, so I’d be grumpy too if I ate it. Sergeant’s assured me that it’s not toxic to cats and they can lick it off all they want, but they will act funny for a while.

    I’m sorry I’m not being more sympathetic. I can completely understand getting very worried over something like this, believe me. I almost called my vet before I got to the Sergeant’s hotline. But I can honestly say that there are no problems with my cat, and I’ve applied the product 3 times in his life. Granted, I’m not using the exact same product that you did. There may very well be something wrong with the powder form. If you need to switch to a different flea and tick killer, though, I recommend the spray-on alternative. It works pretty well and after it’s out of the fur, your pets will go right back to normal.

  3. I used Sergeant’s silver squeeze-on on my cat and he started losing his fur in the area where I applied the product. I have given him 2 baths so far one with baby shampoo and one with dawn soap and have given him benadryl. This is the last time I will be using this product on my cat or dogs.

  4. @blchloe- you were just lucky! Of course they told you it was safe, that’s there job to sell the product! Call a vet, they will tell you it is NOT safe, nor is it normal to froth at the mouth and puke! Your an idiot!

  5. i believe my cat is having a reaction the seargents squeeze on for dogs..i found a contaoner of it under my bed chewed up.not sure how it got there bc i was sure i threw them away after applying to my dog.anyhow,my cat has been convulsing and seizing.phoming at the mouth and just not right.. He os eating and drinking now,but still very he has neurological damage. Does anyone know if this will level out,or this may be permanent damage.

  6. I bought the silver squeeze on stuff from Sergeant’s for my three cats. Out of the three I applied it on, my baby Seamus got sick no more than three hours later. She was wheezing, crouching low and stretching out her neck, and flattening her ears as if she had ear mites. I washed her with a shampoo infused with olive oil and now she seems to be doing fine now, but I’m keeping a watch over her and making sure she gets food/water (mainly water). It’s sad that people want to sell such garbage…. I doubt they’ll stop selling it, but we as consumers can hurt them and save our pets by NOT buying their crap.

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