Hartz is horrible…

A couple months ago I put a Hartz flea collar on my healthy, happy cat Sarah. The next morning she was bleeding out of her mouth – we found so much all around the house – it was so scary! But it slowed down by the time we woke up and so we decided to keep a close eye on her – maybe she had lost a tooth? She stays to herself mostly and we never heard any cries from her of discomfort but a week later we noticed the collar (which I had made extra loose so it wouldn’t come in contact with her skin directly) was stuck to her. Curious, I made her sit in my lap and lifted her chin up to see – it was just as big as I had left it, but it was stuck to her because it had made her completely bald on her chin and neck and sores has started up and the puss had dried to the collar! I, of course, immediately cut it off and started giving her rub downs with aloe and fish oil capsules in her food for an extra boost. She was looking better, but then started scratch again when I noticed she had more fleas. I asked around and my in-laws said that while their cat had the same reaction to the collar now they just use kitten drops and she’s fine. So I went and got Hartz drops (safe for cats and kittens it said). I didn’t even use the whole dose and here I am again this morning having to wash it off of her because she’s bleeding from the mouth again. Looking at what people have said I know this is due to the twitching the drops can cause and she has bitten her tongue!

I called the Hartz emergency line only to get a person who while she was nice and only doing her job, would not admit that the ingredients or product would ever do something like that to my cat. I’m hoping that I can get Sarah back to good health by babying her today and keeping her close – I can’t afford a vet bill. (But if I have to I will take her of course)


HARTZ products should be off the shelves – they’re horrible. I’m never buying another Hartz product as long as I live… my poor cat!!!

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  1. People have to realize there are no government safety checks when it comes to your pet’s flea treatments or medications purchased at a regular store. You must purchase them at a veterinarian’s office where they have been tested so that they do not harm the animal. You can go to a veterinarian and get the cat/dog weighed, then purchase ‘Advantage’ (flea product)without an examination charge. You just purchase the flea medication, usually minimum of 3 vials. One vial lasts 30 days. There are veterinarian offices that sell the product in this fashion. If you love your pet you check with a veterinarian first.

  2. So your mad at hartz because you didn’t do a proper allergy check on your animal? Your cat had an allergic reaction! Thats not the companies fault. Thats like yelling at Red Lobster because you have a shell fish allergy.

  3. It’s a bit harsh to say, “If you love your pet you check with a veterinarian first.” – don’t you think Marian Konik?

    This person obviously loves their pet – but most people just don’t know any better – and sometimes, yes – they don’t have the financial means to get their animal into the vet nevermind buy a flea product that is triple even 6 times the cost of what’s available over the counter. I think you owe christen1285 an apology for implying she doesn’t love her cat Sarah… the information you’ve supplied is great – but to assume someone doesn’t love their animal because of financial reasons or lack of knowledge prior to this incident with Hartz – that’s just mean!

  4. Honestly, I have to say shame on the people blaming this person for warning other’s about this Product. Obviously, the Manufacturer is making a Product that is extremely harmful to our pets.

    Yes, animals do have allergic reactions toward products the same as humans, but the bigger picture here is that all these owners buying the same product from Hartz and putting it on their pets is all having a similar – if not exact – reaction. Doesn’t that seem a little iffy to anyone reading these reviews on Hartz?

    I personally have had to go through this with my cat when I used a flea & tick product on her, and when she immediately started foaming at the mouth, started having muscle spasms and I had to hold her while wondering if I would lose her, I decided right then and there that I would dig deeper on any product before ever applying it on any of my animals again, especially nothing from Hartz!!

    My point in all this is that, before using a product research it, Google reviews on your smartphone/computer or ask a vet, and decide before purchasing it. Technology has made that easy for us all to find the best things for our Pets.

    Now as a employee at a pet store as a Groomer/Bather I hear everyday about this product, and the harmful reactions their pets have from it, and they are always surprised about what is said about Hartz. I say that Hartz needs to be taken completely off the market and I will never recommend it to anyone!!

  5. so far ive also read its not just hartz, but also some product you do get at vet….. Trust No One !!!!…. after losing my beloved junior. i learned soap and water kills fleas the same way….. just dot soapy water directly on the flea… they die,,, NOT YOUR PET !…. I understand, i blamed myself as well. as my 7 yr old son said, as i was beating myself up….. Mama it wasnt your fault it the scientist that made the poison……. out of the mouths of babes. Please tell others… spread the word ! thanks Suzy

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