Caught it early enough

My cat has a flea allergy and gets very itchy from the bites, so I used a Hartz spot-on treatment from the grocery store to get rid of his fleas. Overnight, he began moaning in the hallway and threw up a few times. In the morning he kept throwing up and I noticed his back right leg would twitch as if he was trying to get a piece of tape off of it. This got worse throughout the day. His leg would twitch and he’d almost fall over, and he tripped on the stairs several times.

After looking up his symptons online I realized that it was a reaction to the flea treatment. I quickly bathed him with mild dish soap and called the vet. They told me to bring him in right away. When I got there they gave him another bath and administered charcoal to get the poison out of his system. He was also given fluids for his dehydration from vomitting. $262 later I was able to bring him home.

I was told that I caught it fast enough and he should not have any lasting effects. I am so angry that a product that is so readily available is so toxic. Every person I talked to at the vet agreed that Hartz is a terrible product and they would never recommend it. I feel guilty for having used it on my cat and so frustrated that it is still for sale.

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