Almost lost my baby Oliver

A few months ago, my sweet little cat Oliver contracted some ear mites, and I could just tell he was miserable, so I went and bought Hartz ear mite treatment and applied it to his ears. Within moments, he started drooling uncontrollably, urinated on himself, wouldn’t move, and hid from us, which, we knew was unusual, because he is normally the sweetest, most needy cat in the world. It was a Saturday, in the middle of the night, and we rushed him to the pet emergency room, but didn’t really have the money to get him treatment. They were kind enough to wash him thoroughly, but by then his back legs weren’t working, and I honestly thought that he wouldn’t survive the night. I felt HORRIBLY guilty, and stayed up with him the whole night. Miraculously, he made it through that night, but he still had no control over his bladder or his back legs, and we kept expecting the worst. It was almost a week before he finally gingerly started walking around on his own again, and weeks after that he was miraculously back to his old self. It was a miracle, and I know, from reading these stories how lucky I truely was. Today, Ollie is a happy and healthy kitty, back to his overly affectionate self.
I tell everyone I can what Hartz did to my sweet baby. I just wish no one else had to go through what we did.

3 Replies to “Almost lost my baby Oliver”

  1. The government doesn’t care about you pets. You don’t care either. You need to get off of your fat lazy asses and do something. What will make you do it? You won’t even get up and vote???

  2. @Montey Spear
    Uh, Montey? Why are you on this site??? What has the right to vote got to do with people having tragic issues with often fatal results from Hartz products? There is NO recent legislature or bills that have been put to a public vote regarding pets and pets products, you high-on, if ever.

  3. Thank you, Deanna, for your comments to Montey whoever. The most horrible experience of my life was packing and shipping my deceased frozen cat, Princess (age 2), off to the University of Illinois for a necropsy after she died in our arms on the way to the ER. Like you, I have no idea what his comments have to do with anyone’s voting privileges and /or whether or not they engage in that privilege.

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