We have 2 dogs and 1 cat, and they all came into contact with fleas. We bought hartz shampoo for dogs, and also the flea drops thinking we were helping our animals by treating their fleas. We did not realize that what we were actually doing was poisoning them and almost killing them. Immediatly after applying the flea drops to our one small dog and cat, the animals began acting strange. The cat began howling and panting, running around and hiding underneath blankets, and began twitching in the legs. The dog had similar symptoms but not nearly as servere as our poor cat. We immediatly washed all the animals with soap and water and rushed them all to the vet. As soon as we mentioned to the vet that we had used HARTZ products the vet took the animals and put them on IV’s to flush out the toxins from their system. The vet advised us if we had waited 24-48 hours that the cat would not have made it his symptoms were so severe!! After all the animals were kept for 24 hours and a vet bill for about $800, they were brought back home and back to normal within a few days. It was human neglegence on our part for NOT knowing that using dog products on cats could be deadly, but the fact that they sell this product on the shelves of most pet stores and even wal-marts makes me sick! This product poisons animals and is made of almost 85% PESTICIDES which have been banned to use on lawns, but we can sell them to put on our PETS!!?? Many people think their helping their poor pets and in reality may actually be killing them, the labels do not show enough warning about the severe side effects this product truly has on small animals. We need to have better laws in effect to protect our animals, and ban products like this from being sold!

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