Hartz Ultra Guard Pro Scare

Went to local CVS because my cat Penelope had fleas, so I didn’t think it would be a big deal to buy something to combat the fleas.  So I took the Hartz Ultra Guard Pro Flea & Tick Drops and did as indicated.  Afterward, I decided to research it, I usually do my research before hand, but I was distracted.  Lesson learned, don’t ever give your cat anything OTC unless approved by the Vet.  I started reading the horror stories about it, and I was so scared I stayed up all night with her watching for anything unusual in her behavior or any twitching, but luckily nothing.  In the morning, she was her usual self, waiting to play and ate her breakfast.  I took precaution and washed it off with Dawn liquid soap by using a sponge and just washing the spot where I stupidly applied it.  Then I took her to vet to have her checked out.  The doc said she will be fine, that if she were to have a reaction, it would be sudden, usually within 1 – 2 hours.  The doc gave her a Capstar pill for her fleas, and gave me Frontline to apply in 2 days since she may still have the hartz in her system.  It’s already been 23 hours, and Penelope is still her usual self.  I couldn’t tell you how worried and horrified I was that we are in the United States, and this product has been known to cause wicked side effects, and yet it’s still on the shelf.  I asked the doc if he gets cases like this, and he said, yes that he gets them all the time.  He also mentioned that since the box for cats and dogs look alike, people will mistake it, and apply the dog ultra guard to their cat, which results in a toxic reaction.  I hope writing this will help someone on the steps to take if you did the same as I.   I will continue to monitor her for the next day, because I’m still a little worried, but the vet calmed me down.

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  1. So your complaint was that nothing happend to your cat? Or that you READ that bad things could happen? But your right, you should believe everything you read on the internet.

    P.S. I drank this and it gave me super strength.

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