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Recently my fiance and myself found two stray kittens, we went and bought some Hartz replacement milk a long with soft cat food. We tried to give the kittens the replacement milk they took no interest in it. So we mixed it with the soft food, thinking they needs the extra supplement from the milk. Well kitten have been fine for week now. Then today had run out of soft food for them so I just mixed a batch of just formula for them right before we left to take my son to the doctor. Upon returning home we noticed our once very lively kittens were acting very weird. We rushed them to the local animal emergency animal clinic which was “unable to check out the kittens without paying 88$ per kitten plus treatment cost which sadly we don’t have atm. So we decided rather then sign our kittens over to the local humane society so they could get cared for we’d try to calls friend/family to borrow the money first. On our way home we stopped and got more soft food to try to feed them. When we got home we plated the food without the hartz milk and noticed one of our kitten Stewie was very aggressive towards the food even growling like he was starved. After both kitten ate the soft food they have started to act like themselves, we also noticed vomit in the tub we were keeping them which we did not notice before we rushed to the vet. So at this point I realized the only thing that we’d done different with them was feed them straight Hartz Replacement Milk which we had never done before. So I decided to search for more info about the Milk, found the stories on here and reviews for the Milk. We are taking both kitten in the morning to a vet that accept payment plans, but as it is now both kittens are doing great and acting like themselves.

I’ve decided to take POISON stickers and put them on the Hartz Products at wal-mart next time I go in.


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  1. @Hartz Replacement Milk-
    You can actually do one better than that. My local Walmart took the product off the shelf after my complaint about the cat flea spray. You need to call them and talk to a manager about making a formal complaint. You go in and fill out a form detailing what occurred and off the shelf it goes! It’s just that easy. The more proactive we are, the weaker the legs of Hartz Mountain will be to stand on. Also, you need to contact Hartz to obtain a complaint claim number. If you look on the container of kitten milk, there is a phone number for them. Also, contact the EPA.

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