Sergeant’s Gold Flea & Tick is HORRIFIC STUFF!!!

My daughter bathed both of our little doggies and then innocently applied Sergeant’s Gold Flea & Tick (liquid) to the backs of both of our chichuahuas and what followed was HORRIFIC! The next morning there was an overwhelming amount of vomit all over our kitchen floor and both dogs were acting strangely! Our female chichuahua, Honey (5 lbs) was spastic and was running around wildly and flapping her ears by shaking her head wildly! Rascal, our 8 lb male chichuahua was twitching and couldn’t stand… all he could do was sit and wheeze while his stomach audibly rolled from not eating (or losing all that he ate!). I immediately called the emergency hotline given on the back of the box to see what to do. I was advised to bathe both of the dogs in dishwashing detergent to remove the oils from their fur and that they’re reactions would subside within 24 hours… NOT THE CASE! We were helpless, as the vet was closed and the next day was Sunday and we couldn’t afford to take them to the emergency vet.

Both of our dogs’ ears had turned fire red and they have both been flapping there heads and scratching their heads and bodies wildly as if they have water in their ears. I administered Benadryl to both animals in an desperate attempt to help alleviate their symptoms. This seemed to help slightly with the redness and itching, but they still continue to have symptoms! I am taking them both to the vet today for an official diagnosis and will report back….

When I called Sergeants, they took my name and information about my pets, asked for the barcode info, then continued on to tell me that I had probably “overdosed” my dogs and that they “shouldn’t be having these symptoms”… DUH! I KNOW this stuff is evil and had some kind of neurologic affect on both of my pets and refuse to believe that they just had a “temporary allergic” reaction that should have cleared after bathing them. After I googled it, I found LOADS of complaint and warning regarding this product… wish I had looked there FIRST before I administered!

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  1. wait, so they toldyou that you OD’d on the flea and tick liquid? WOOOOOW! they are NUTS!
    so sorry this happened to you 🙁 my 6 month old kitten had a seizure from the flea spray

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