poison in a tube!!(hartz flea drops)

i have had the same problem as many on here. we got a new kitten who happen to have fleas which infested my persian cat. the cat is about 5 and at least 10 pounds. i gave all my pets(2 dogs and 3 cats) flea baths and flea collars. my persian cat was pretty bad with the fleas due to the long hair ,so i gave her the hartz flea drops also. well ,i will never use another product from that company again!! my poor cat became extremely lethargic and sick. i felt so bad. at first i had no idea what was goin on. was it the shock of getting bathed or what. oh no no. i decided to go online to try to find some kind of answer when i found this site and many others like it. i called the vet and he said the same thing about hartz products. anyway i induced vomiting like a few others have done on here and also have been bathing her with mild soap and warm water every few hours to get all that poison off her skin. so far she is improving daily. i seriously thought she was goin to die a slow death unless i had her put to sleep. i cant tell you how bad i felt…i was only trying to help her and wound up causing her bigger problems than she started with.how this company gets away with selling this POISON  is beyond me ( probably everyone else who had similair problems )

my daughter’s best friend

i have a wonderful cat named rascal, he has been a family member for 11 years. i had my daughter 4 years ago and since then, rascal has adopted my daughter and replaced me. he is her best friend! they usually sit with each other every day while she colors, she reads her books to him (even though he doesn’t know what she’s reading they love each others company) and he sleeps with her and cuddles every night. we recently have started noticing a flea problem, and which was irritating to my daughter even more so since rascal sleeps with her, they were eating on rascal, and my daughter legs! my mom thought she would do me the favor of buying some flea medicine for us since i  have alot of money for the frontline. YES, she bought HARTZ FLEA & TICK DROPS ( ultra guard pro ) and who wouldn’t trust a company that promotes being safe for cats and dogs, and it’s name sounds to be wonderful! well think again! i applied it to rascal on October 3rd and the next day i noticed that he wasn’t quite acting like himself. I thought maybe it’s because my daughter wasn’t home for the day!? the next day i had noticed that he was declining and fast! he wasn’t moving hardly at all, he could barely lift his head, he hasn’t eaten anything, or drank. he has had a high fever, and drooling worse than any dog i have ever seen! not to mention he could hardly breathe! i immediately gave him a bath to wash the poison off of him ( where i applied it, he washed himself around the area and ingested it ) i had to keep my daughter away for the night, and i brought rascal to the emergency all night animal hospital, where they explained the side affects he is having from the hartz. HOW AM I GOING TO TELL MY 4 YEAR OLD THAT HER BEST FRIEND IS GOING TO DIE FROM THE TREATMENT I THOUGHT WOULD HELP? the vet administered some injections that she thought might save his life, i was able to take rascal home and do some treatments here as well, since i don’t have the money to hospitalize him for the 2 days they wanted to keep him. he is still not doing well, i cant get him to eat a thing, therefore i am feeding him the gravy from his food through a syringe. i have made an appointment to get him in to see the vet again, but as sick as he is, my hope is not as high as when i was able to take him home! i have posted a picture of the product with my own story on my facebook page so that all my friends know not to use their products, and asked them to share my story with their friends as well. my daughter has no idea why her best friend is sick, and why she can’t play with him. i have prayed every night that he gets better, but have seen no improvement. as the day goes on i wait to bring him in to be seen, i am praying even more that the vet can help save him!


Sweety Kitty almost died!

Last night, my mother and I were called on by my brothers girlfriend who had administered a well known brand of flea med to her cat (the kind in the tube you put on the back of the neck). Not long after she administered the medicine the cat started to convulse, shake and had extremely sensitive skin and extremities. At first we thought it was rat poison but quickly decided it was not as the symptoms were not all there or correct. we found out shortly it was the flea med she gave the cat, it is an over the counter one, a brand called Hartz. We were able to save her last night, we administered 2 teaspoons of peroxide to help her vomit and forced lots of milk and water into her, this helps to keep her hydrated AND keeps vitamins up, she is normal this morning, the young lady stayed up ALL NIGHT to administer the milk and water to her cat every 2 hours.  this is scary considering how poplar this brand name is!  I was in tears watching and feeling this poor thing convulse in my arms!  Something needs to be done by the veterinary association!  This brand has GOT to be taken off the market.  I have shared this site with EVERYONE I know and have asked them to pass it on.

Just used the carpet powder & I’m worried for my cats…

I have two adult cats that are indoor, but recently found a couple fleas on one of them. So I went to petco to find some flea shampoo and carpet powder without doing any research (I know I know). I first put the carpet powder on my livingroom rug because that is the only piece of carpet I have in my house. I then started doing some research because I had gotten some powder on my hands and even after washing them, they feel like I had powder bleach on them. It feels uncomfortable. Well… After letting it settle I tried to vacuum it up but I don’t think I got it all out. My hands feel funny again after vacuuming it a couple times. My cats were just on it and now I’m TERRIFIED because I caught them licking their fur! I just gave them a bath and put my rug outside, but afraid the powder may be lingering. I plan to get a really good vacuum to clean it of the powder before I bring it back in. Im so stressed now and worried for their lives…they are my life. They seem okay right now, but it seems like it takes atleast a day before any symptoms occur. Can anyone give me advice??? After reading everyone’s stories…I’m literally in tears. I’m so terribly sorry for everyone’s loss.

Hartz flea collar made my cat sick

I used Hartz flea collars on all 4 of my cats who are all under a year old. After about an hour of wearing the flea collars my cats began to act different. Usually my cats will eat anything you put in front of them, but all of a sudden they wouldn’t eat any of their treats or chicken I had for them. They were also acting very sluggish and lethargic. I assumed that they may just not be fond of having to wear collars. The next night one of my cats Darwin began crying and I had no idea why. I followed him into the bathroom where I saw him vomiting a weird yellowish green liquid that was sort of frothy and there was also a bit of diarrhea on the floor. I took the collars off each cat after this happened. But, now I’m really not sure what to do and I am not sure if my cat is going to be alright.  Darwin seems more relaxed now, he is laying down in the bathroom. Is there ANYTHING to fix this or am I too late?


Recently i purchased Hartz flea remover for my two kittens. I tried everything in the petstore nearest me to get rid of there fleas. I decided to go to another petstore and ask one of the employees to recommend something. He chose Hartz and said “With a name like Hartz, who wouldnt trust it?”. That sold me. Taking home my box of Hartz I felt relieved my babies would have some relief from thier constant scratching. I bathed them and put on the drops as recommended. I woke up the next morning to let my 6 week old puppies (as you can see i’m a pet lover and future vet tech) out of thier cage, when i saw the gruesome sight. Layin by the water bowl was Tyga, my 3 month old grey tabby, stiff and with blood coming out of his mouth. About a foot away movement caught my eye. It was Frankie, my 9 month old larger grey tabby, having a seizure. I quickly grbbed my cats, left the puppies with my boyfriend, and rushed to the vet. All i kept thinking was I bet it was that flea stuff, that darn cheap flea stuff, and man was i right. My vet confirmed it. Hartz killed one of my babies and made the other have seizures. There was no way to save him, the vet said. Just great, Hartz killed BOTH of my babies. Dont let this happen to you.