Lost one cat and now my kitten is sick

We bought Hartz Ultraguard One Spot flea treatment for our 18 month old cat Sarah in October 2010 as it was recommended to us by the pet store. We treated Sarah and after about half an hour she started to twitch and breathe heavily, she was jumpy and nervous and I wiped her down as I was worried she may have managed to lick some of the treatment off her fur. She seemed to settle a little and we weren’t so concerned. The next day she wasn’t eating or drinking and sneezing a lot and had no energy. We took her to the vet that evening and were told she had become very anaemic and her blood count was down to 7. The vet kept her overnight and she was on intravenous fluids and had been given injections and tablets to kill fleas. The next morning we picked her up and brought her home and tried feeding her water and watered down food with a small syringe as the vet had advised. Sarah became progressively weaker and kept trying to crawl under the couch. She died in our arms at 3 am the next morning. We were devastated and it took us a long time to be able to have another cat. At this time we did not know that the flea treatment had harmed Sarah as the vet told us she had died from anaemia, heartworms and excessive flea bites.

About 6 weeks ago I found a little grey kitten under our dumpster and took her in. We named her Misty and she is our baby. Yesterday evening, Saturday October 29th, we noticed Misty scratching and we treated her for fleas with the Hartz Ultraguard One Spot as we were scared of having a repeat of what had happened to Sarah. Misty is now 3 months old. This morning at 6 am she woke us up and was twitching and breathing fast and jumpy. I bathed her immediately and she didn’t even fight me  which really scared us. After her bath she seemed a little calmer but was still twitching and breathing fast so I called our new vet who told us to take her over straight away. This was at 8:30 this morning. When I got her to the vet and told him what I had treated her with and that I had bathed her already he told me it was the best thing I could have done but she still was sick. She is now on a drip and being treated by our vet and I don’t know if she is going to have kidney or liver damage from this product.

Please, please don’t let anyone else’s pets suffer like ours have. I will post here again once I know how our Misty is and if she is going to be ok.

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