Do not ever, EVER use Hartz products on your pets

I am currently in college studying Veterinary Medicine. Hartz products are DANGEROUS. we specifically discussed that in class. They are known for making animals ill, and unfortunately–killing cats. Dogs can tolerate pesticides better than cats (even though it is dangerous for both). Harts flea and tick control products contain pesticides, Deadly for cats, dangerous for dogs. PERIOD. Hartz have many lawsuits against them, and they do need to be shut down. If you have any signs of adverse effects (which seems to always occur with EVERY Hartz products) discontinue use IMMEDIATELY. As a matter of fact, DO NOT USE IT AT ALL. Things that can occur are rash, itching, blisters, bumps, seizures,loss of appetite, fever, vomitting, etc. and even, unfortunately, death. If you need flea and tick control, for your pets sake, please use Frontline. It is the safest product, and Veterinareans number one choice for a reason.

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  1. I’m confused. I am hearing and reading so many negative comments about this product. I have used it twice now and neither one of my dogs nor our cat has ever had a problem with it. Maybe we are just the lucky few and i now know about the adverse side effects I keep reading about but if the product is so bad why is WalMart selling it? Im very confused. I am simply a pet owner attempting to rid my animals of fleas. Why are my dogs immune?

    I applied the most recent dose yesterday morning and it has now been over 24 hours with zero side effects.

    Any thoughts….


  2. Frontline may be safer than Hartz, but it still has the potential to cause similar adverse effects. Frontline claims that it does not get into the bloodstream, but that is not true. Pets with skin problems, such as flea allergy dermatitis, are even more at risk of Frontline getting into their bloodstream, which increases the potential for adverse reactions.

    The Australian government recently completed a review of Frontline due to numerous reports of adverse incidents:

    They are recommending that additional warnings be put on the Frontline label, including not applying it to ‘non-healthy’ skin.

  3. WHY IS THIS HARTZ product (s) still on the market– I just want to shout out to everyone – DO NOT USE ANY OF THESE PRODUCTS! Our 7 yr old healthy dog had- and is still having a horrible reaction to the flea and tick drops –he scratched until he bled – his skin was raw and he has been miserable for over a week now -how much longer before they are healthy and back to normal??- thanks to your website – we’ve been rinsing him with warm water every day and it has helped -no infection that we noticed and the vet was livid over the reaction…our poor dog has ben whining and just not himself – i feel horrible putting this on him to keep off ticks when we went to the psrk – I’d rather risked having ticks!Please keep us informed – should we take pictures to send to hartz?? We are so angry – they are so irresponsible to not do a massive recall and investigate this!

  4. I used hartz flea and tick on both my small dogs. One of them was just so hyper after the use. It was strange, it was a dip. I’m afraid to use it again.

  5. I completely agree with you (to the first comment on here) I have been using this product for quite some time on my dog and have never had any bad side affects happen to him whatsoever…so I am just as confused as you as to why there are so many bad complaints- and if Hartz has such a bad rep, why do stores continue to sell their products???

  6. There are adverse side effects with any kind of medication, shampoo, or ANYTHING people! C’mon. Humans have side effects with their medications too. Including death. So should we stop taking medicine too? This is ridiculous.. Just because YOUR dog had a bad reaction doesn’t mean MINE will. We’ve used it for years with no problem on dogs AND cats.

  7. Im in the vet school as well, and learning about this. And you
    are 100% correct. Stores want as much money as they can, so they don’t care if a product is harmful. They only recall products harmful to humans, which is unfair to animal owners.

  8. Thank you Angela :),

    And for those of you who posted that your pets haven’t gotten a bad reaction…well, it hasn’t happened yet. Before I began studying Veterinary Medicine, I used Hartz flea collar on my dog..first time, he was fine. 2nd time, months later, he got blisters all over his neck, became lethargic, began vomitting, and having diahrea.
    Just because it hasn’t means it hasn’t happened yet. My vet teacher stressed that just because it hasn’t happened yet, it is only a matter of time before it does happen.
    Think about it..would you put pesticides all over your skin?
    When I used it, my hands burned just from touching what makes you think it’s okay to put something unsafe on human skin, to put on your pets skin?
    And like Angela said, they only usually recall products that are harmful to humans. Pets are seen,by law, as “property and luxury items”.
    Go to your vet and get the appropriate medication. Like I said before, don’t use Hartz. Stick to Frontline, Advantix, or Revolution. All medication has a risk of bad side effects, just like human medication (in response to hamishdad). Animals with flea allergy dermatitis should be seen by the veterinarean first.
    Always see your vet first, or get professional advice.

  9. Sysy, they do have recalls on pet products.. Especially food. For someone in the medical field, I would think you would do your research. Also, I’ve used Harts on my dogs for YEARS. If they haven’t had a bad reaction yet, I doubt they are going to. Nothing has ever burned my hands.

  10. I too have had horrific effects on my cats and dog with Hartz products. We contacted our vet over the weekend when we discovered our newborn kittens had fleas- the fleas were irradicated from our home, but unfortunately the person who brought them to us originally came to visit and they’re back. We were advised to bathe mom and babies with Dawn and use a flea comb. Like magic, the fleas died on contact and they are completely flea-free this morning. We also spread food-grade diatomatous earth on the carpets, as this is an edible organic compound. So far, so good. Now I have 4 other adults, 1 older kitten, and 1 elderly dog to bathe. Dawn is an amazing product and extremely effective so far. We purchased the dye-free, hypoallergenic formula which has a very mild scent. I’ll keep you posted.

  11. @ anonymous- Your’re chicken to give your name? Sad. I hope you NEVER have to go through what any of us have experienced because it is absolutely heartbreaking. Maybe you’re one of the very lucky ones. Maybe you’re just a pet owner and NOT a per lover. Our pets are like children for a lot of us, especially those who cannot conceive so watch it with the insensitive comments. Oh, and FYI- I too used Hartz in the past without any issues at all. I spoke with a fantastic woman from the EPA and there is a study going on nation-wide to find out WHY this is happening en masse this year. She told me this is the worst year so far with injury from Hartz products. Do YOUR OWN research before you make a fool of yourself again. No wonder you remain anonymous.

  12. I’ve been using Hartz products for about 13 years now. 0 deaths of my animals. I don’t treat my animals for ticks or fleas with medication. It’s to easy to take the time to care for them without medicines. I use dewormer on my puppies each time our bitch has a litter. So far 17 puppies and 0 deaths. As for the cat side, If your cat weighs less then 2 pounds when using dewormer then it serves you right it dies. Like any medicine, if you fail to follow the instruction then you reap the consequences. In the end, if you were to lazy to take them to the vet because it was cheaper then that’s on you not Hartz, if you don’t know what is what with worms then don’t try to play vet.

    -23 years Veterinarian. I would never recommend someone try diagnose worms. I would always tell people to go with frontline if they need to take the easy way out of tick/flea removal.

  13. I used the flea drops and my lovely, friendly, happy, cal cat started running around and hiding, she had no appetite, her fur turned spiky and oiled and she was very unhappy. After looking it up, I quickly realized that she could be hurt even further by this and washed her with a wet soapy washcloth (followed by a dry one) and now she’s her friendly self again! She’s even eating properly, and seems happier, (though the damn stuff didn’t even get rid of the fleas, as she’s still itching) I wouldn’t trust his toxic goo for use on any of my pets ever again, and I suggest you upgrade, even if it means you have to downsize from salmon to tuna for a while. 🙂

  14. i used half a tube of hartz ultra gaurd flea drops on my 1 yr. old chihuhua today at 330 and when i got home from work i noticed she was being really strange. she is really wobbley her head keeps wobbling and she cant sit up and her eyes are all squitting and her ears are layed back. i gave her a bath with dawn soap and she is hust lifeless .now all i can do is keep watching her and pray she will still be here with me tomorrow. she is my baby i dont know what i will do if this kills her. please god i am begging you please dont let her die please

  15. To the few who use and think it is safe…ask your vet. Any reputable vet will tell you NEVER use Hartz. Your idiots who are just pet owners and not pet lovers especially the breeder.

  16. Omg my dog had 2 seizures just 3 days after putting a flea collar on him.. I don’t know why this products are still on the market. Wish I would had seen this website sooner. . Animal murders that’s all you can call them…

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