Hartz Ultra Guard Plus Spray ; flea & tick :: WARNING !!

Be careful of this PRODUCT…If you use it , use sparingly and not recommended duration. I think with more time and extra bathing. I think this product caused the DEATH of my BUDDY. A long hair tabby of 11 years old who was in GREAT HEALTH. (ELVIS)..In the last few weeks his normal activity changed. He went into some hiding and eating less…This yesterday morning , he walked in like he wanted to run somewhere. He turned and fell to the rug and seizured DEAD like with a heart attack and body shutdown.I was stunned ; I tried some mouth to mouth but total no movement. It was like instant DEATH ; but this was after a few weeks. A total healthy ADULT CAT ; in a few weeks; GONE !! This product may kill the bugs ; but it KILLED my loving cat !!!

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  1. Pesticides should never be used on cats. Pesticides KILL cats. Do not use it sparingly; Don’t use it at all. If your cat needs flea/tick control go to the veterinarean, or use Frontline. I am a veterinary student, so my information is fact.

    1. Thank you!I just some and then I decided to get on the internet and find out whether it was good for me to use this Heart Tonight I’m glad I looked on there I’m going to go to the store and return it and get some Frontline thank you you have saved my cat’s life well two cats love Tiffany and handsome Fats Domino😽🌹😽🌹

    2. Hello, I have had pet cats and dogs and even pet rats and anoles and fish my entire life. 30 years of life, for your information, so maybe just maybe some of you will take me for my word.

      All potential flea and tick treatments are potentially harmful, especially topical treatments such as drops and sprays and even shampoos. The trick is to apply them properly where said pet and other pets will not be licking at the treatment site

    3. I called vet n was told they had gotten dogs with seizure s and don’t use it. You r 100% right. I know this is an old post but I had to respond due to rude post about spelling…you probably saved a lot of heartache with that post. Thank for it.

    4. Frontline is a pesticide. All pesticide are dangerous, no matter how it’s applied, topically or internally. There are safer, healthier and safer ways to prevent, avoid fleas, ticks, mites and internal parasites and your pet deserves this. Rather than falling for the veterinary/pesticide product propaganda . Dangerous marketing ploys that many fall for.

  2. @sysy92 – I highly doubt you’re a veterinary student, since you can’t spell “veterinarian” correctly. However, this product shouldn’t be used at all, not even sparingly, I agree.

  3. i used exact same stuff on my 6mo old kitten, Pooh Bear. He began salivating excessively and running around crazy everywhere, and had a seizure. Called hartz and they told me i over dosed by spraying 3 sprays on him and they wont do anything about it!?

    1. My cat just went through the the same reaction, ran around trying to hide, mouth open and foaming, cleaned him real good but just laided around, called teams they said just to keep an eye on him and if he gets worse bring him in, praying for him, he’s my baby and I don’t want to loose him, will not use this stuff ever again

  4. Angela ; You are correct , HARTZ will not do anything.They will say all is EPA tested and good…Well ; it is BS. Also , be plenty careful on a kitten. The kitten is not older and maybe could take only a small spray or two. If you do spray , please wash very shortly afterwards…And if bugs are there , use a bath…..Do not believe the instructions ; remember the label says PESTICIDE & POISON ….

    1. I sprayed my dogs 2 weeks ago. I played hugged and kissed them on the neck. My mouth is so burned and swollen! Dont have health ins. So ive been washing twice a day with dial anti bacterial soap scubbing layers of burned dead skin off. Going on 3 weeks. Putting neosporin twice a day. The pain from this burn is horrendous. Cant hardly eat. Never using it again! Looks like another 2/3 weeks of healing left. I should prolly see a lawyer. Took pictures.

      1. You guys are all idiots…this product isn’t suppose to be used On your cat or dog…Holy sh*t, you all need to be taken out and sprayed with this sh*t. If can any of you read? Although I agree Hartz is a horrible company and you shouldn’t buy there cheap crap…this one isn’ton them…what kind of monster would spray their freaking cat 🙀 with this…it’s to be used on carpet, rugs, baseboards…it’s a God damn bug spray you morons. It says so right on the back. It spray then keep kids and pets away from it untill it drys. ITS A BUG SPRAY NOT A GOD DAMN PERFUME. ALL OF YOU PLEASE DON’T GET ANYMOR PETS…AND DON’T BREED.

        1. It says “Flea and Tick spray for cats” on my bottle. My cat is just fine. Hartz Ultraguard Plus. A lot of accusations flying around. But yeah, keep your lips off your animals after you spray them

        2. I’m not the only one who reads the bottle then. They changed the packaging because no one would read the directions I see. Now it says “for home” right on the front. However, it does seem to be a very strong pesticide that you shouldn’t even have even around a full human let alone a 10 lb cat. Anyway, my cat now has fleas because my roommate brought home a stray kitty. Poor Kitty isn’t twelve weeks old and has had every “for kittens twelve weeks and older” product used on it. My roommate is a dumbass that loves to remain ignorant. (It’s bliss I’ve heard) This sweet kitty doesn’t deserve an owner like her.

        3. Your the “GOD DAMN FUCKING MORON” who apparently does not know there is also a flea and tick spray for cats and dogs that you CAN SPRAY on them. Fucking uneducated RETARD!!

  5. I bought a bottle of Hartz Ultra Guard Plus spray at Target today. Something told me to research it before using it and I am so glad I did! No way am I using this on my cats now! My heart goes out to all whose pets suffered because of this product. I understand the guilt, but you were trying to do the right thing. Please know that sharing your experiences is sparing the suffering of innumerable pets. I realize that’s small consolation. Thank you for this web site!

  6. I used this on my 5 year old cat today, after bathing her and noticed an immediate reaction. She began salivating excessively and even sprayed the wall. I called Poison Control and they told me not to mix flea products, nothing about how horrible and dangerous this product is. I only used a very small amount and didn’t directly spray my cat, instead I rubbed it in. After several hours of thinking maybe she would get used to it and not lick herself anymore (I know stupid me) I decided to give her a bath with just water again. I’m really hoping that she didn’t ingest too much of it. It would make me extremely sad if this product killed my cat. I will be returning the item tomorrow morning. I hate that there is no real warning about these things. My cat already suffered with the fleas, now with the medicine? 🙁

  7. I’m not a shill, just a consumer. If we’re talking about the same product, it says directly on the packaging, in giant bold letters in at least 5 places “*DO NOT USE ON ANIMALS OR HUMANS*”. This product is designed for use on carpets and furniture.

    1. They are referring to the product that can be used on cats. They also have one for dogs. They do have a home spray as well but not the product referenced here.

  8. I think all the people above should take a cup of this product and drink up… Maybe cleanse the gene pool of some more morons.

    It says on the front label in bold letters… “HOME SPRAY”. Unless you live inside your cat or dog, they are not your HOME, and thus should not be SPRAYED. Duh.

    Also, as Michael above me stated… In bold, in multiple places on the bottle it says “DO NOT APPLY THIS PRODUCT DIRECTLY TO PETS OR HUMANS!”.

    I feel for the kitty that died in one of the comments. It wasn’t this product that did her in, it was her moronic owner.

    1. They have it for both home and animal use. Also a yard spray. All the products share the name Hartz Ultra Guard so you can get confused. Once I asked a relative to pickup the cat powder for me but brought the rug and carpet version. The canister labels are very similar but with careful reading can be differentiated.

    2. You’re actually pretty fucking stupid. I have the same bottle of spray these people are talking about right in front of me and the instructions say to spray the cat.
      You, my friend, are ignorant.


    4. I am looking directly at the bottle I have and it reads “Hartz Ultra Guard Plus, FLEA & TICK SPRAY for cats” (with a pic of the cutest tabby cat). However, after reading these comments I’m flushing this bottle of poison down the septic system! Maybe kill a few bugs in there!

    5. Your an uneducated fuck as well….Take your own advice and drink a cup of this shit yourself. There are several products. One for HOME, another to spray on cats and another to pray on dogs. GO FUCKING EDUCATE YOURSELF YOU DUMB FUCK

  9. There are two sprays. one for home that says don’t use on animals and one for pets that says spray directly on coat. i agree that these products are harmful but why leave mean messages when u don’t have all the facts. These weren’t moronic owners just concerned owners trying to get rid of their pets fleas .


  11. Hello. My mother bought the flea & tick spray for cats, my cat was a little over a month old at this point. I sprayed her like the directions advised me and she started to become very sick and I noticed it IMMEDIATELY. I went online and saw this website, followed everyones advice and threw her in the shower to wash her with dish detergant. She was still deadly sick for about 3 days and finally on the 4th day she was 100% better. This, really, almost killed my cat. She would of been dead if I didn’t wash it off immediately. ***DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT, IT KILLS WILL KILL YOUR ANIMAL***

    1. I am so happy that she pulled through! My boyfriend just purchased the cat spray that also has aloe in it. I remembered seeing something online about Hartz and Sargeants products so I decided to dig around. I am so thankful that I did not use the spray on the approximate 2 mo old stray kitten we just took in. I’m having him return it. Instead we gave her a bath using Dawn dish detergent.

    2. I meant to reply to April… Not the entire thread. I hate how companies like Hartz will not any amends for their products. I am so deeply sorry for anyone’s loss of their best furiend.

  12. My mom just bought Hartz Ultraguard plus spray bottle today and I am so glad I found this website. I’m going to return this product now! I’m sorry for all the owners who used this product. I can’t imagine what you all went through. thank you so much for sharing you saved my cat’s life

  13. Best thing I ever got to get rid of fleas. Please follow the instructions…don’t use on kittens…don’t over spray…don’t spray on eyes or face of cat…don’t mix with other flea products and lastly protect yourself when using. My cat is happy and healthy to be rid of fleas. Keep your cats in the home…outdoor cats will always have flea problems.

  14. I bought this product(the one to spray on cats, not the home spray). We used it on our two 5 month old kittens, Tabby and Diva, and our 7 year old CiCi. Hours after we used it, Tabby stopped eating, became very lethargic, anemic. For the next week, we battled just to keep him alive. He wouldn’t eat. We had to force feed him. After a week, and a lot of weight loss, he began to get better. He has since fully recovered, but I will never use this product again. This product is expensive and a piece of crap! I almost lost my sweet boy to this spray. NEVER AGAIN!

    1. I think all of you are missing the point here. So your pet got sick and or died but did it still have fleas? It kills fleas just as advertised. Hartz says it kills fleas and it does so stop your whinning!


  15. I bought the spray product for cats and read the instructions several times along with everything else on the bottle. On the bottle it says if you come in contact with it to wash the skin for 20 minutes and call poison control. I kept thinking to myself “why do I need to be so careful with skin contact when I’m literally spraying my cats with it?” So I quickly went online and found this page and ran both of my kitties straight to the bath tub and let them soak for a little. Hopefully we won’t run into any health problems. Sorry about everyone’s fur babies who were harmed by this product. Thank you for sharing your stories so that others won’t have to suffer!

  16. I believe I may have had a heart attack from using this product on 6 pets. The active ingredient was used in chemical warfare.

  17. I have used to this product for about a year with no issues until the last treatment I gave my cat. I do not spray it directly on him. I use surgical gloves and massage it into his coat.
    I believe I overdid it this time. He has become isolated and is not eating or drinking. He seems to be in a daze. When I try and comfort him by petting and talking to him he seems to snap out of it for a few minutes but then shuts down again.
    I am not totally convinced that this product made him sick but am very suspicious of it.
    However, once again, I must blame myself because I may have put to much on him along with not waiting long enough for the drops to be wore off.

  18. I was just about to spray one spray on his tail but I’m taking it back instead. I’m going to get another brand after I do much more research. I’m not going to take the chance. No way.

  19. This product killed my sisters kitten. She was only a month old and my heart breaks. She used last night and by this morning she found the kitten very limb, cold, & not responding. She took her to the vet immediately and they started treatment. Unfortunately, the kitten didn’t make it. This needs to be taken off shelves in stores and some away with!!

    1. A month old kitten? Are you serious?
      I’m very sorry for your sisters loss but why would you put that on a one month old kitten?
      It says right on the bottle that it’s not safe for 12 week old kittens, let alone a 4-5 week old one.

      1. Agreed. She’s the second or third one to say very young kittens…too bad they didn’t read. We bought but not going to use…just trying to help our cat and dog. Dawn dish soap has worked in past after a few washes so going back to that remedy!

  20. I used this on all 4 of my four month old kittens because they have lots of fleas ( never been outside, born inside ) I immediately noticed how they were acting ( running around strangely and looking sick ) and was going to wait it out but went ahead and shampooed all four kittens and now they’re better. I am so glad I acted immediately. Hartz Ultra Guard plus, flea & tick spray for cats with aloe is what I used, not the spray for homes. Lets just say, I will be getting the pills or the drops, I almost lost all of my fur babies.

  21. I bought the HARTZ Ultraguard flea and tick spray with aloe, FOR PETS, NOT HOME USE. I’ve followed the directions precisely on my 6 year old Maincoons, whom have recently developed a flea problem! They’ve never been outdoors, nor around other animals! I am still unsure as to bow they caught these annoying little pests! But as I was saying, I’ve dosed Fathead and Mojo 2 times, and they haven’t had any negative reaction whatsoever (THANK GOD) But then again, the fleas aren’t gone yet either! Granted, they are almost gone. Anyway, I was curious, as to if I should spray them again or not, its been almost 2 weeks since I last did, the bottle says its safe to use weekly. I decided to do some research, and found this site. Now I’m really worried! Like I said, it’s been almost 2 weeks since their last treatment, with absolutely no reactions on my boys, but I was thinking that after 2 treatments, the fleas would be gone!! I dont want to treat them again with this spray after reading the comments!! Thank you all for the warnings and my heart goes out to all that have lost their fur babies bcuz of this product!! I am so thankful that my boys are OK, and also glad I came across this site, so my boys will stay OK!!

  22. Just updating everyone. This product is still horrible. I put it on three of my cats who are perfectly healthy and today a week later the are all dead. I feel absolutely terrible and my heart is broken. I will never buy any of Hartz products again.

  23. To those calling others names because they say it’s “home spray, not for cats” obviously are too ignorant to educate themselves on the fact that there is both home and cat spray.
    Also, there’s a lot of people who mentioned they used it on a young kitten. Why the heck would you use it on a kitten? It says right on the bottle don’t use on a cat that’s less than 12 weeks old, so why would you use it on a kitten younger than that and complain about the product killing your cat? I’m sorry, but YOU killed your cat.
    As for the negative comments about the product in general, thank you for the awareness. I was considering trying some on my cat but now that I’ve read some of the more intelligible comments on this product, it isn’t going anywhere near my cat.

  24. Sprayed our rugs with home use spray 2 months ago, can not get rid of this terrible smell. Suffered headaches, loss of balance, and brain fog. Can’t net rid of the taste and smell from my throat and lungs even though we have had the rugs cleaned, hardwood and wooden furniture washed, still smells, must be residual spray on upholstered furniture.
    Still have a flea problem. Using Revolution now from Vet.
    Have ordered a very expensive Dyson Air Purifier in the hope this will clear indoor air quality. Feeling desperate.

    1. I used the Hartz powder for carpets. After vacuuming it up a few days ago I haven’t been able to get rid of the smell and suffer from terrible headaches every time I go into that room. After using I did some research and found this site. My cats have not been allowed into the treated area.

  25. Thanks for this (thread?) I just washed the crap out of my George’s fur. She started acting amiss and not eating. I got her washed and I think she is feeling a little better since. She’s at least pecking at her food. I used the hertz spray for pets. This was a very bad idea.

  26. Sprayed the hartz ultra guard home spray in areas around house where my cats don’t go. Kept them completely away from the toxins and they began hiding in the bathroom, and sleeping in the cat box just to get away from it. After about a week my long haired orange tabby started freaking out, meowing to go outside. I let him outside and then he just laid in the mulch freaking out and couldn’t move. His pupils became large as if he couldn’t see me. I rushed him to the vet and as I gave him to the vet he died, and they had to revive him. Once he was revived he still couldn’t move and his blood sugar was low and they thought he had diabetes, and he was put down because they said the chances that the shots would work was a 20% chance and with the fleas still continuing to jump on him there was no way. This product does not kill fleas, not even remotely. If anything it kills animals. My other cat who is still alive is hiding in the bathtub probably going to die because of this awful product

  27. Hartz,Seargents, Any product you choose to use on your pets should always be researched the same way you would research a product used on yourself or your child.Pets suffer tremendously when they have a reaction to products like this.Research,Research,Research!

  28. You guys are all idiots…this product isn’t suppose to be used On your cat or dog…Holy sh*t, you all need to be taken out and sprayed with this sh*t. If can any of you read? Although I agree Hartz is a horrible company and you shouldn’t buy there cheap crap…this one isn’ton them…what kind of monster would spray their freaking cat 🙀 with this…it’s to be used on carpet, rugs, baseboards…it’s a God damn bug spray you morons. It says so right on the back. It spray then keep kids and pets away from it untill it drys. ITS A BUG SPRAY NOT A GOD DAMN PERFUME. ALL OF YOU PLEASE DON’T GET ANYMOR PETS…AND DON’T BREED.

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