This website possibly saved the lives of 5 cats!

I am so thankful to have found this website when I did!

We had purchased Hartz Ultraguard Pro flea & tick drops for cats. We were going to use these drops on my cat, my aunt and grandparents 3 cats, and a family friends new kitty. I was getting ready to apply this drops onto my cat, so I googled this brand of flea drops to get directions, when this website came into the results. So I clicked and read all of the awful stories on here from this nasty product, and immediately threw it in the trash and contacted my aunt and grandparents! I had them read the stories on this website, and they were horrified and disgusted, but very thankful they had not yet put any of this POISON on our cats! It is a truly a great relief that we avoided a tragic disaster!

I am so sorry for those of you who found about this product too late, and lost their best friend(s). But I really appreciate that you all posted your stories, which saved the lives of 5 cats last night as well as saving us from broken hearts and regrets! Thank you so much! If I hadn’t found this website, my cat probably wouldn’t be cuddled up on my lap right now.


2 thoughts on “This website possibly saved the lives of 5 cats!”

  1. i am so happy for you that you were able to find out before it was to late! i wish i had! and honestly, it has been a month since we lost our cat, my daughter’s best friend, and my daughter still cries every day that she misses him. great, you saved the lives of 5 cats, now if you would save more by spreading the word! please, and thank you in advance!! i think it would be a thanks from all of us who have suffered the loss!

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