HELP!!! What should we do???

We have a cat that after we put Hartz flea meds on him, is not shaking and not really moving too much. He has a VERY big sore on the back of his neck, where we put the medicine. PLease help. What can we do??

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  1. Emergency room ASAP. Your pet is having an adverse reaction to the poison and needs to be seen immediately if possible. Other options may include washing your cat gently with Dawn dish soap to remove the toxin from his/her fur. You want as little of the poison to absorb in his/her system as possible. Be gentle and understanding and use warm comfortable water of you decide to do this. Also as an option I recommend calling a local emergency. Et hotli e and asking for their opinion. I wish you the best of luck with this and I hope to god that someday this company will pay for the deaths it has knowingly caused.

  2. My small, 2 and a half year old female cat was treated two and a half weeks ago with Hartz flea treatment. Tonight we noticed bald patches on her , and where the patches are she is twitching. The sores are tender to our touch.” can it be the Hartz doing this to her after two and a half weeks passing..???

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