Hartz Flea and Tick Collar

I thank you all for posting on this site and for whoever created it.

I bought a new flea and tick collar for my cat, Cablo just two days ago. She is normally very vivacious and gives me kisses when I come home, has a voracious appetite and is a young, fresh, healthy girl. Today when I woke up, she wasn’t sleeping on the foot of my bed, which she does every night. She was sleeping on the couch in a ball very solemnly. I went over to pet her and there was no purring, no kisses, nothing.

When I open the fridge Cablo will run from great distances in hopes to get more food – it’s never enough! She loves to eat! But when I opened the door this morning, she didn’t move. I carried her over to the bowl and she was crying, which is very unusual. I had to go to school and was so upset all day thinking of her in distress.

Hoping she would be better when I got home, I was saddened to see she hadn’t moved from the couch, didn’t great me at the door, she hadn’t eaten a bite. I was convinced she ate a cotton bud and so worried about the possible vet bill.

After trying to figure out what may have gone wrong, I found this site and immediately took her new collar off and bathed her (which she hated), but she seemed so much happier instantly! We played a little bit, she ate a little and is now resting. If she is not back to normal by tomorrow afternoon I will take her to the vet, but fingers crossed she will be back to her jovial self in no time.

I will never buy a Hartz product again and told all of my friends the same.

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