R.I.P Moo moo

I really wish I did my home work when I recently got a 6 week old kitten that I named Moo moo… It started a couple of weeks ago when my cousin showed me pictures of her 6 week old kittens who were going to be taken to a farm if they didnt find homes. Me being the animal lover that I am took one that looked liked a cow and fell in love at first sight. The day i picked her up I noticed she had fleas and knew they had to go in a short time as I have 4 dogs,2 cats and 2 birds already so my aunt bathed her in baby shampoo three times but she still had lots more that needed to go. I bonded with her on my 3 hour drive home on thanksgiving monday and knew she was going to be a great addition to my family. Tuesday I went to Pet Value to look for flea shampoo after I didnt find any close to her age I decided to go to Walmart to look. I found Sergeants flea shampoo for 8 weeks and up and thought she is almost 7 weeks so will that 1 week difference be a big deal…probably not so I bought it and went home to bath her. It seemed to kill alot of fleas but I wasnt sure if they were all gone so on wednesday I did another bath with the shampoo and sure enough there was the fleas. I was asked why not take her to the vet and have them do a flea treatment but I replied its to expensive so I’m going to bath her myself. On friday I did yet another bath and once again found more fleas so I thought ok sunday should be the last bath she will need and once and for all these fleas will be gone!!! Saturday came and she was her normal self running around,meowing,eating,biting and doing her running pounce. We played that night until she fell asleep on my pillow that was on the couch so I carried her and the pillow to my bed where she woke up and started to play again until I fell asleep. I woke up sunday looking at her thinking how cute she looked sleeping with her mouth open so i rolled over and went back to sleep until my husband came in breakfast. He entered the room and picked Moo moo up and thats when we seen the blood on the bed,pillow,side of her face and in her mouth, we started to clean out her mouth to make sure nothing was blocking her throat and she  looked like she was sleeping but was making little noises so we rushed her to the vet. When we got there we were asked if we wanted them to perform cpr as she was almost gone at that point,she was put on iv,oxygen and a heating pad as her temp was low and we were told they didnt have anything to relax her muscles so she wouldnt jerk while breathing so we would have to take her to the emergency clinic. If the vet left the iv lines in the emerg would charge us a min of 400 dollars for 12 hours of care and the vet office cost would be 250 or we could do home care which could take longer for her to come around but it was do able. The doctor left at 3pm and were to stay there until 4pm with her so we could take her off the oxygen to see how she would be at home and if anything happened the vet would come back. We took her off the oxygen for a bit during the bath they gave her and put her back on the heating pad to get her temp back up but we put it back on until 3:3o. Moo moo started to move her head and her one front paw and I was getting so excited thinking she was getting better when i felt hwer back paw moving,my husband went to inform them she was having another seizure and when they came back and checked her she had stopped breathing and called the vet back as her heart beat was dropping as well and before they got off the phone with the doctor she was gone. I picked her up to hold her for the last time when we seen more blood had come out of her mouth as she bite her tongue again. After paying the $388 bill I thought this could have all been prevented had I taken her to get a flea treatment.  I was suppose to protect her yet I put this shampoo on her not knowing any of this could happen as it didnt say its toxic to animals  and its the worst feeling in the world. I know I didnt make this product toxic to kittens but it doesnt take the guilt or pain away,losing a pet this way has put me into depression and I will relive this pain so that i can tell anybody and everybody my story if it prevent another death. Hartz and Sergeants should be ashamed of themselves and put warning labels on their products!!!

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  1. I’m so sorry for your loss and and in no way shape or form blaming you for the death of your precious baby, but I would have thought that someone who has that many animals would use better judgement when it comes to a small kitten. Kittens are very sensitive to washing anyway because of their body temperature but to not only wash a kitten several times but use what basically amounts to poision……..well I would just hope that next time you would spend the money and take your pet to the vet or at the very least do some research on google before using any product on a small animal.

  2. I may have a number of animals but never had any that had fleas and I only used a product that someone else had used so I thought it was safe since it was used on the other kittens.

  3. I recently lost my beautiful cat Coco in July of this year. He was a part of our family for 10 years, we treated him as if he was our child! He was in between his “Frontline” treatment, he had two weeks to go. I took it upon myself to go to the local supermarket and get some “Hartz Flea & Tick Powder” to put on him for the time being. I have had cats all of my life & years ago everybody used this stuff on their animals. So, I put this on him around 5:00 pm, he seemed fine. At two in the morning my husband got up and he noticed that Coco could barely stand up, he was walking sideways, very lethargic. We held him for awhile thinking that he was going to be alright. The next morning he was still walking strange, just laying around. I called my vet and told her what was going on, she told me to go and look up the ingredients on the powder that I put on him, she then said to hurry up and put him in a soapy bath and get the stuff off of him. She said if he didn’t change to bring him in, late morning. We took him in and they put IV”s in him and kept him over night, gave him Antibiotics. i thought that i was going to bring my beautiful Coco home the next day, instead i got a phone call in the morning saying that he passed during the night. Coco was healthy before I put this on him, I killed my cat with something that should not be sold and is still on shelves all over the world. I am still having a hard time knowing that I am the one that did this to him, I miss him everyday. Hartz should be responsible for my cat not being here!!!!!!

  4. I’m so sorry for your loss merrie 🙁 I know exactly how you feel and it is the worst feeling in the whole world. I find it even harder to accept what happened because I was by her side the whole time and watched her take her last breathe. I dont think this pain will ever go away but i believe we will learn to live with it.


    Kim, you had no way of knowing. I know this is an old thread, but it wasn’t your fault. The fact that you had a place in your heart for that kitten, and tried to take it in and do the right thing as a person, is what’s important, no matter what a nasty person like Janice says. You had no way of knowing, obviously, because if you did, you’d have used a different product. People like Janice make me sick. That is unacceptable behavior. Your pet had just died and she came here with all of her judgment. GROSS.

    Kim, this happened to my sweet baby this morning. Very similar story to mine. My boyfriend found a fluffy baby kitten in the dumpster. The poor thing was infested with fleas. Being the animal lovers that we are, we did everything in our power to make this kitten have a happy life. We went out and got all the supplies – including the Hertz flea shampoo, to relieve him of the stress of having fleas. I gave the sweet baby kitty a flea bath, and used a blow dryer to dry him off. The next morning, he had a funny sound in his breathing. It went away, but by the next hour, he had a seizure and couldn’t stand – he lay there crying until he died only a few minutes later. It all happened way too fast to even get his tiny kitten body to the vet. I thought maybe he had distemper, but the symptoms didn’t exactly fit what happened. Then I found this site. I’m heartbroken that when I boil it all down, I feel like I killed that kitten. I feel responsible for it. Who the fuck is Janice to come on this site to make that feeling worse for us and say what we should have known or done? But guarantee, you wouldn’t find someone like her going around to blogs and chastising people for not adopting strays, or for even abusing animals, despite that being much worse. No good deed goes unpunished, right?

    Sorry for your loss.

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