Hartz risked the life of my 7 month cat, Huey.

While at work one day, my fiancĂ©e spotted this poor baby kitten cold, wet, and sick. His immediate instant was to grab it. I said it was okay and we immediately took it to the vet to get tested and checked out. Healthy considering his circumstances, his major thing was fleas. The vet gave him Advantage and a capstar blue pill to take instant affect. Since we already had our beloved baby boy Huey at the house, I wanted to take the extra step and get him some flea treatment, in the off chance some were able to survive. We headed to Target to find that Hartz was the ONLY option at the store. Knowing that Hartz makes several animal products, I thought nothing of it and purchased and applied it to Huey. We did this pretty late in the evening so we headed to bed shortly after. Around 4am Huey jumped into bed and couldn’t sit still for anything and he is typically snuggled in for the night at this point. Not to mention he kept scratching at the application point and was literally trying to chew off the foot in which he scratched the area with. Instantly, we flew out of bed, bathed him, called the emergency vet, and bathed him again… Learning that the flea medicine could cause SEIZURES. Seriously? We tried to lay back down but he kept twitching so we headed to the emergency vet, where I learned that Hartz is the ONLY flea medicine that does this where Advantage and Frontline will not. He stated he was in emergency for 10 years and saw this his first year and was convinced than that Hartz would never survive selling products that could kill animals. He is still stunned that it is still in the market. I’ve missed days of work too paranoid to leave Huey alone, fearing I’ll come home to find that his little body had an adverse reaction. He is about to get another bath after I posted this. And now I have 2 treatments of Hartz Ultra Flea and Tick drops just sitting in my purse because I’m too afraid to throw it away, in fear that some poor animal will find it and digest it and seal their fate. I will not settle until this company pays for what it’s done to people and their pets. The worst part is the guilt I feel realizing I hurt my baby in an attempt to protect him. How is this fair?

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