2 family members; Gone!

We used a hartz spray on 2 of our beloved cats, Brady and Star.. now mind you we have 4 cats, but we only sprayed these 2, becuase they seemed to have gotten the case of the fleas, the worst.. In trying to help our animals.. we hurt them.. killed them.. NO, we didnt, HARTZ DID. We followed the directions on the bottle to a T.. both seemed to be doing okay, and about 3 days later i realized they were hiding.. which these 2, did not normally do.. so calling for them through out the house, we searched and looked for them, and when we finally found them, Brady looked AWFUL. W gave Brady a bath, using just reg. ivory soap.. and star we wiped down as much as we could. The reason we got these products, was because i Called the Emergency hospital, and the person on the other end basically laughed at me, and told me we had to take care of the fleas ourselves, becuase ” we don’t do stuff that miniscule here”… Well, 2 days later we rushed him to the Emergency Vets, because he was skin and bone, and was urinating on himself, and breathing very hard, he was nostalgic and was notn reacting to us at all.. and we had to put him down! 2 days after that I refused to go to the emergency hospital, and the vets had to put Star Down, becuase she was having the same exact symptoms. ! We are DEVASTATED! …WE FEEL RESPONSIBLE, HEART BROKEN, ASHAMED… I wish I had read the warnings before acting.. but i honestly thought we were helping them. We miss them very much and are still very upset since this was just 4 days ago, and one right after the other.., Oh, and after talking to a Hartz Rep, they said they had never heard of things like this happening, yet told us to send them our vet bills, and are sending us farms to fill out right away….

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  1. I know how you feel. My cat Blackie died just four days after we applied Hartz Guard Ultra Pro flea preventative. Not only did it not stop any of the fleas (he actually had less fleas before we applied it, he was invested by the time we realized something was really wrong), but he ended up having a violent seizure and dying in our bathroom Thursday night. I feel so responsible for it. I feel like if I had noticed sooner and given him a bath to get that poison off of him, he might still be alive today. 🙁

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