We Almost Lost Oscar

This past weekend I was in the grocery store and saw the Hartz flea control so I thought I would try it. Although I usually get my flea control from the vet, I figured if it is sold in the store it should be safe… Several hours after putting it on the back of my cats neck, I witnessed him having a grand mul seizure. This lasted for appropriately one minute. We rushed him to the animal emergency clinic where they kept him over night. He was put on antibiotics to flush the poison out of his system and Valium to stop the seizures and tremors. Although a scary experience, we were lucky that Oscar came through it OK.
I have since found out from my vet that you can put 12 times the amount of the flea products that you can buy from your veterinarian such as Advantage onto you animal and it still would not be as harmful as one dose of Hartz.
Why is this toxic stuff still being manufactured?

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  1. I feel for your pain, we put the hertz flea medicine on our dog, and within days he started pulling out his hair, and then basically each day he was loosing his hair. My dog is half way bald up his back, we took the collar off and discontinued all treatment. This has also caused him anxiety, and us great sadness. I am so glad we have taken this off him, and get him back to recovery.

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