poison in a tube!!(hartz flea drops)

i have had the same problem as many on here. we got a new kitten who happen to have fleas which infested my persian cat. the cat is about 5 and at least 10 pounds. i gave all my pets(2 dogs and 3 cats) flea baths and flea collars. my persian cat was pretty bad with the fleas due to the long hair ,so i gave her the hartz flea drops also. well ,i will never use another product from that company again!! my poor cat became extremely lethargic and sick. i felt so bad. at first i had no idea what was goin on. was it the shock of getting bathed or what. oh no no. i decided to go online to try to find some kind of answer when i found this site and many others like it. i called the vet and he said the same thing about hartz products. anyway i induced vomiting like a few others have done on here and also have been bathing her with mild soap and warm water every few hours to get all that poison off her skin. so far she is improving daily. i seriously thought she was goin to die a slow death unless i had her put to sleep. i cant tell you how bad i felt…i was only trying to help her and wound up causing her bigger problems than she started with.how this company gets away with selling this POISON  is beyond me ( probably everyone else who had similair problems )

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  1. I have to comment. First, I am so sorry for what you had to go through by using these products. Although, in your case, by using flea shampoo and a flea colar and drops, its not the company who is at fault in your case. That was an overload of poisonous products you applied to your animal. Most store bought shampoos also contain a toxic pesticide. I am a pet groomer and we us non-pesticide flea shampoos that are safe to use with vet perscribed flea drops. I am constantly educating customers on flea products and how to use them properly, it is sad that the packaging and instructions do not stress enough about how dangerous it is to use multible products at once. And in most cases, over the counter flea products do not work, and then people are stuck with fleas and a pet that they cannot retreat for a month. Stay away from flea collars all together, they dont work at all, i see plenty of flea infested pets that come in with a flea collar around their necks, and all day long your pet is breathing the toxic chemicals, and the fleas are happily chewing away and building their immunity to the pesticide. Please do not feel im am patronizing you, I know you thought you were doing what was best, and I believe that these companies should not be aloud to sell these products without stricter guidelines

  2. Thank you for your response Angel. I don’t feel toy patronized me at all. I learned a valuable lesson. I’m just glad my cat is back to normal. I have recently found a few alternative methods for flea control that don’t involve pesticides. I also for rid of the flea collars from all my pets. Again thank you ,you set me straight on a few things and it will be helpful in the future . I did try to attack the flea problem without knowing all factors involved.

  3. Just out of curiosity, what alternative method are you using? I hope it is not a garlic based product. Garlic is deadly to cats and dogs. Ask a vet what to use.

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