Sweety Kitty almost died!

Last night, my mother and I were called on by my brothers girlfriend who had administered a well known brand of flea med to her cat (the kind in the tube you put on the back of the neck). Not long after she administered the medicine the cat started to convulse, shake and had extremely sensitive skin and extremities. At first we thought it was rat poison but quickly decided it was not as the symptoms were not all there or correct. we found out shortly it was the flea med she gave the cat, it is an over the counter one, a brand called Hartz. We were able to save her last night, we administered 2 teaspoons of peroxide to help her vomit and forced lots of milk and water into her, this helps to keep her hydrated AND keeps vitamins up, she is normal this morning, the young lady stayed up ALL NIGHT to administer the milk and water to her cat every 2 hours.  this is scary considering how poplar this brand name is!  I was in tears watching and feeling this poor thing convulse in my arms!  Something needs to be done by the veterinary association!  This brand has GOT to be taken off the market.  I have shared this site with EVERYONE I know and have asked them to pass it on.

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