Just used the carpet powder & I’m worried for my cats…

I have two adult cats that are indoor, but recently found a couple fleas on one of them. So I went to petco to find some flea shampoo and carpet powder without doing any research (I know I know). I first put the carpet powder on my livingroom rug because that is the only piece of carpet I have in my house. I then started doing some research because I had gotten some powder on my hands and even after washing them, they feel like I had powder bleach on them. It feels uncomfortable. Well… After letting it settle I tried to vacuum it up but I don’t think I got it all out. My hands feel funny again after vacuuming it a couple times. My cats were just on it and now I’m TERRIFIED because I caught them licking their fur! I just gave them a bath and put my rug outside, but afraid the powder may be lingering. I plan to get a really good vacuum to clean it of the powder before I bring it back in. Im so stressed now and worried for their lives…they are my life. They seem okay right now, but it seems like it takes atleast a day before any symptoms occur. Can anyone give me advice??? After reading everyone’s stories…I’m literally in tears. I’m so terribly sorry for everyone’s loss.

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  1. I called a vet because I used the flea spray on my kitten and they told me a story about someone using the product that you used , but it was a dog not a cat like yours, and the dog licked some of it because it was on his paw, and if it ended up a few weeks later having a brain tumor.. the best thing to do is give the cats a water bath because if you use soap it will hurt them more because the chemicals in the soap will mix with the poinson and will burn and keep giving them water baths. Also, i’m almost a vet technician and in my classes we learned that you can make a home made spray to spray on the carpets by mixing equal parts of water and vinegar with some Dawn soap in a spray bottle. And instead of using pet shampoos for fleas use DAWN soap, it works wonders (trust me, i wont use shampoos b/c of harsh chemicals in all brands but dawn soap is rough on bugs, not aniamls! ) hope this helped!

  2. I had a friend who used the carpet powder for her two pom dogs and they started bleeding out thier rectums…it was terrible and sounds crazy but it happened and I had to drive her to the vet office. We thought they had parvo but it was the powder!

  3. I had the same question, right after I used it. My vacuum don’t get it all and my cat lays and cleans her self on the carpet. And now she throws up after eating each time. I’m so scared and I’m only 14 so don’t have money for vet.

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