Hartz flea collar made my cat sick

I used Hartz flea collars on all 4 of my cats who are all under a year old. After about an hour of wearing the flea collars my cats began to act different. Usually my cats will eat anything you put in front of them, but all of a sudden they wouldn’t eat any of their treats or chicken I had for them. They were also acting very sluggish and lethargic. I assumed that they may just not be fond of having to wear collars. The next night one of my cats Darwin began crying and I had no idea why. I followed him into the bathroom where I saw him vomiting a weird yellowish green liquid that was sort of frothy and there was also a bit of diarrhea on the floor. I took the collars off each cat after this happened. But, now I’m really not sure what to do and I am not sure if my cat is going to be alright.  Darwin seems more relaxed now, he is laying down in the bathroom. Is there ANYTHING to fix this or am I too late?

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  1. Oh no!! I’m sorry to hear about that! These collars are so dangerous! I’m almost doe with my schooling to get my vet tech degree, and there was this girl who used this product, and she said the next day she woke up with her cat yelping in pain and she saw that the collar inflamed her neck and the hair was missing and all you saw was her pink skin and flesh. 🙁 (And no the collar wasn’t on to tightly ) its a shame hart’z still makes their products

  2. I put a Harts cooler on my kitty, too. After a few days witnessing her lack of energy and appetite; I’be taken it off her. I feel like the worst pet parent in the world. The only reason I left it on so long; fear that the fleas were eating her alive. Now she is so not feeling well. Any suggestions?

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