Recently i purchased Hartz flea remover for my two kittens. I tried everything in the petstore nearest me to get rid of there fleas. I decided to go to another petstore and ask one of the employees to recommend something. He chose Hartz and said “With a name like Hartz, who wouldnt trust it?”. That sold me. Taking home my box of Hartz I felt relieved my babies would have some relief from thier constant scratching. I bathed them and put on the drops as recommended. I woke up the next morning to let my 6 week old puppies (as you can see i’m a pet lover and future vet tech) out of thier cage, when i saw the gruesome sight. Layin by the water bowl was Tyga, my 3 month old grey tabby, stiff and with blood coming out of his mouth. About a foot away movement caught my eye. It was Frankie, my 9 month old larger grey tabby, having a seizure. I quickly grbbed my cats, left the puppies with my boyfriend, and rushed to the vet. All i kept thinking was I bet it was that flea stuff, that darn cheap flea stuff, and man was i right. My vet confirmed it. Hartz killed one of my babies and made the other have seizures. There was no way to save him, the vet said. Just great, Hartz killed BOTH of my babies. Dont let this happen to you.

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  1. Well u have no one but ur self to blame.As I sit on my couch with hartz guard on my lap, the instructions specifically said don’t use it on cats.Next time make sure u read the directions carefully.And I’m also sorry for your loss, as I am a pet lover and I know how speacial these animals are.Good luck with being a vet n hopefully u don’t accidentally kill anyone pet.lol I’m just kidding ^_^

  2. I am so sorry for your loss. I recently used these flea drops for my baby and she was throwing up non stop but has recently started getting better. As for the other person who commented, I advise not to be so heartless when it comes to someone facing the death of an animal. They have the drops for CATS too. Pay attention to what was said and don’t be so cruel. It’s already bad enough that these companies don’t pull this shit off the shelves. Hartz disgust me.

  3. Read instructions, can’t stress that enough. Ive used it plenty of times. no problems. Read before use. read before use. If you can’t read, get someone to read it for you.

  4. yea well “petlover” sorry but it does have it for cats. Petsmart employees wouldnt give me one for dogs when i specifically say cats. Think before u respond, oh and by the way it wasn’t my fault. Like i said it was Hartz, the vet even said it. so neext time do us all a favor and keep your rude unneccessary responses to yourself. Have a nice day 🙂

  5. I am SO so so sorry for your loss :(…WOW (looking at comments above me) apparently Hartz has some employee’s patrolling this site now and defending this awful poison. I recently posted the link to this site on Hartz’s Facebook page and they blocked me the next day, they don’t want people to know the truth. Bet you anything employee’s of Hartz don’t use this crap on their pets..sick….

  6. I’m so sorry bout the puppies 🙁 i’m 2 semesters away from getting my veterinary technician degree as well, and I used the Flea spray last month (my story is on this website as well) and my kitten has a seizure from it. And Mike, reading the directions correctly has nothing to do with anything she has done? It is Hart’z spray. There was this one man who left a rude and mean comment about how I should quit my vet tech studies because of what “i did” to my kitten.

  7. There’s probly no lawsuit bc it is for animals not people and unfortunately not too important to some and I’m sure there’s some loophole where they say you choose to buy and use and possibly incorrectly apply or dose it, instead of going to the vet who obviously recommends different treatment. Its like if your child was sick and you chose to buy Medicine from the internet, what you thought was safe and but then the child suffered and died. Whose fault then? You for not going to the dr? The company for making bad medicine? Its just not a clear and easy case. All we can do is hope every pet that the hartz kills is one more person who tells others not to use it. Or, maybe some people die from it. Then it would matter enough. >:(

  8. The blame definitely lies with Hartz, or it is a large coincidence that all these pet owners are using the product incorrectly ( I think not)…
    My cat Oscar, suffered a seizure last night and is still at the emergency after having put a Hartz flea control on the back of his neck. He was admitted and put on antibiotics to get the poison out of his system and Valium to stop the seizures and tremors. He will be OK, but it was a close call. The vet at the hospital said they see this kind of thing all the time with Hartz products and many animals have died.
    I have always gotten my flea control products form the vet, but I saw Hartz at the grocery store and thought I would try it. If a product is this dangerous, it should not be sold.
    If you thin you are saving money by purchasing a Hartz flea control over buying at the vet, think again. It may end up costing you more in the long run.

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