Too late for Emmy

Unfortunately I found this page too late. This weekend I applied the sergeants spot to my two cats Lily and M&m never thinking that this was even possible. Left to do shopping and got the call that my cats were convulsing. I wish I would not of left them alone blame myself for not watching. We were able to save Lily the er vet worked through the night on m&m. He had bit his tongue so badly and had surgery to repair it but his heart stopped. The er vet said this is common. Why is hartz able to continue with this product? So whatever I tried to save in using a cheaper brand cost my dearly. $1,000 er vet bill but most importantly the loss of my beloved m&m

November is a Hartz Victim

This story came in via email from Valerie:

About 8 months ago I put Hartz ultra flea and tick drops on my beautiful 1 year old cat November, thinking I was helping protect her from fleas. Worst mistake I ever made!! Instantly I knew something was very wrong, as soon as it touched her skin she started crying and itching at her neck and shoulders.  Immediately I gave her a bath and tried to wash the poison off her but nothing I did helped. November’s hair fell out and she continued to itch at the application site. I tried to contact Hartz 3 times – on the 4 time they answered only to basically call me a liar and told me to take her to a vet. I took her to Good Shepherd Animal Clinic and they did all they could to stop the allergic reaction everything from antibiotics to steroid shots but November’s condition continued to get worst. Now after 8 months of treatment a growth happened at the Application site 3 days ago she had massive surgery to remove them. We are waiting for results to see if the growth is cancer! My god I can’t believe that company!!! I was only trying to protect my best friend and I brought hell on her. After thousands of dollars in vet bills I still might lose her if its cancer there is nothing they can do to save her. Shame on Hartz and Walmart for selling that potion to unsuspecting buyers. After reading stories here I realize we are lucky to still have her. My heart is with all those who lost a family member to that evil company please pray that my November heals and regains her strength.


Sergeant’s Gold Squeeze-On for Cats and Kittens

My boyfriend and I were low on money and found out our cats had fleas.  So I went to Krogers and bought Sergeant’s Gold Flea and Tick for Cats and Kittens. I have normally used Frontline for my cats, but I thought we were just paying for the name, so I went the cheaper route. Turns out I was paying more because it works. Sergeants have made my cats throw up, have burning red skin and to top it all of, the fleas haven’t even died! I read labels religiously and I have used squeeze-on treatments many times before. I know I did it right. I went to look up Sergeants website to ask them about it and came across this site. I can’t even believe some of these stories on here. Some are from 3 years ago. How are they still selling? But I e-mailed these buffoons about my problem. They were trying to sweet talk me and they just said to fill out some forms they will be mailing me. Who knows when they will get here? They said to send the forms along with the receipt and such along with the vet bills. I can’t even afford to take them to the vet right now!  I wasn’t planning on spending hundreds of dollars for giving my cats something I heard was safe! Sergeants said they have very low statistics of animals having adverse and allergic reactions to their products. 4/4 of my cats had adverse reactions! Not good statistics if I may say so myself. And then they had the gall to say “kindest regards.” What you’re doing to our furry friends is not “kind!’

DO NOT USE SERGEANTS PRODUCTS!!!! Or from the posts on here, Hartz either. I’m just lucky none of them suffered and died, yet, like some of the others on here!

Cat Almost Died

I used Hartz on both of my cats nine years ago. I woke up the next morning to find my female cat, Mollie, convulsing on the floor. She had foam coming out of her mouth and was twisted in pain. I rushed her to the vet and she spent an entire day on fluids. If I had not taken her, she would have died for sure. She is a healthy cat and she is alive to this day (she’s at least 11 now).
Anyway, what REALLY saddens me is that these products are still on the market all these years later. I worked for a TV station at the time and they ended up doing the story locally. They then had a follow up to the story where a Hartz rep talked about the incident. The story was picked up by CNN and guess what happened? NOTHING! All the products are STILL out there. These people deserve to go to hell for killing and harming innocent animals that are otherwise in excellent health and then blatantly claiming that this is not due to a Hartz product. It was a problem a decade ago and is to this day. What a disgrace.

I used Hartz Flea and Tick Spray

My dog is 8 months old and hes a American Cocker Spaniel and hes also my baby..but he got fleas and we didnt have much money so we bought Hartz flea and tick spray on him and right away he threw up 2 times and didnt stop crying and shaking i was scared i didnt want him to get sick and losing him…so i washed the spray off as i was doing so i touch his inner thigh and he yelped as i look he has a welt and some sores after i washed it off him he was still shaking and didnt want to do nothing but sleep and not move he was always wanting on my lap to rest so i looked up Hartz and this is where it took me i was reading these stories and i tried not to cry i seen one where someone said Hartz to wash the dog/cat in Dawn dish soap so i did that to my dog and now hes running around playing and being like his self again which i am so happy about that but i been using Hartz shampoo for a month or 2 and nothing has happend but im scared to use it now…..whats the cheapest best thing to use?


I decided to save a few dollars and pick up Hartz flea/tick medication from Walmart for my two dogs.  Within 2 days my St. Bernard had sores all over his body causing me to run to my vet and spend a few hundred dollars to ease his pain and discomfort.  Luckily my golden retriever did not have a reaction like this, but my St. Bernard had to be shaved and I have to bathe him 2x weekly for at least a month to be sure all the poision is off his skin and coat.   I will be writing to Hartz and submitting pictures  and also writing to Walmart to encourage them to remove ALL Hartz products of their shelves.

Cats Survived..but so did fleas

I used Hartz drops on my cats, 1 adult, 2 kittens, and while my cats didn’t have any severe reaction to the drops, the whole back of their neck was wet with the stuff for almost a week, which meant they could totally lick it trying to clean it off. We put it on them when we saw fleas, should have been more proactive but live and learn. We kept the cats shut up in two rooms while we completely cleaned everything else in the house. We would visit and check on the cats, combing them for fleas twice a day and we kept finding live fleas and eggs and flea dirt was left all over the surfaces the cats went on. At least we could limit their access to the house. After a few days, and finding this site and worrying about potentially hurting my cats in the future, I decided to go for a more expensive and more effective flea prevention, Advantage. I found a good deal and got 6 month supply and the stuff finally came the other day. We put advantage on our cats thursday night. We were still finding live fleas and many dead ones when we combed them. The new drops only made a few inches of their hair wet and by the next day it was completely dry! There has been such an improvement in the cats behavior and practically no flea dirt left anyway and maybe 3 eggs. We only found 1 barely alive flea on one kitten. Quick summary of my whole experience…spend the extra money for the wonderful quality of a flea killer that actually works! We worked out the math, one dose of the advantage, at the good price i found, was about $8 a dose. The Hartz was about $5 a dose. so really, its only $3 more…so worth the extra money! Ps. i found the good deal from the website of a legit pet store chain, it was an internet sale. I also bought a longer month supply, which is more of a deal, but lets face it, you’re gonna be using this stuff on the cats until they’re gone, which hopefully will be many more years. Oh side note, the cats also have tapeworms now, big surprise, from swallowing the fleas but we can’t treat them until the fleas are gone, otherwise its pointless. Thanks so much for this website for opening my eyes!

Hartz Ultra Guard Flea & Tick Collar for Cats & Kittens

On Sunday, 9/11/11, I purchased this collar for my 2 year old cat, Princess. 72 hrs. later , I came home from work to find her crying in pain and other than her vocal cords, she was totally paralyzed. Three hours later, on the way to the ER, she died. If you read the product packaging under “note to veterinarian” she had all of these symptoms. These products do not belong on the market. She was just a baby and my “Princess”.

Don’t buy Sergeant’s green natural flea &tick spray for cats&kittens!!

I have a 9 months old male kitty who had fleas and i couldn’t afford any of the expensive flea products, i didn’t think anything bad would happen by purchasing products by Sergeant’s because i had already bought their products for my dog and they worked great on him. I didn’t have any problems the first time i sprayed my cat with the sergeant’s green natural flea&tick spray other than it didn’t seem to be working so a couple days later i sprayed him again. He started screaming very loud and even peed on the rug so i stopped spraying wondering what the heck was going on. When he finally came out of hiding i checked him for anything that could be hurting him but couldn’t find anything so i decided to give him a bath just to be sure. While i was drying him off from his bath i saw what the flea spray had done to him, he had horrible chemical burns all the way from his neck to his belly. Poor thing is still shedding skin from his burns but at least he is feeling like himself again…I WILL NEVER BUY SERGEANT’S EVER AGAIN AND NO ONE ELSE SHOULD EITHER!! I can’t believe that they allow stores to sell all these harmful treatments that harm or can kill our precious pets.


I usually use Vectra on my pitbull puppy (who is a child to me!) but we are low on cash this month after moving to the south and because bugs are so much worse down here I decided to pick up Hartz Ultraguard Plus to try on him. Luckily, I decided to research before I even opened the box and I’ll definitely be returning it! So sorry to all of you who lost a pet friend using this garbage. Thank you all for sharing though