Tried them all

Ive tried all these crazy back-o-the-neck flea treatments on my cats. They’re evil. When we got our new (shoddy) furnace, air quality suffered, add to this the flea treatments for my 4 indoor cats (who caught these things from the neighbour’s outdoor cat, Elvis, who we take in because he is neglected.). A week later Mikey isnt breathing well and goes into a decline, so finally I put him to sleep. This is about the time my mother’s coughing started up and stayed until open-window season. We didnt make the connection. The following spring, we gave the cats treatments again. A week later, Ollie died of a stomach tumour (licks the chemicals off Bennie) and less than a week after that, Tony dies from some lung condition. NOW what I do, I mix one part Skin So Soft from AVON with five parts water and I rub it into Bennie and Elvis’s fur, particularly around the neck and bum areas. The fleas hate it. It works.

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