Sweet Angels Lost the Battle-On the way back home to Heaven.


I had no idea that today would be these adorable little babies last day to be cuddled and loved and run around and nick at each other’s tails, just like every previous day since they were born. They had a very short 6 week run at life.


I used something cheaper than Hartz, I don’t even think it had a specific brand but one thing it did have? IT DID HAVE THE POISION. Please protest everyone.


It was a quiet tuesday afternoon when I decided to bring my kittens inside to feed them some warm milk and play with them just as we would any other day. This time I noticed a flea or two on them, so what did I think; I thought “Oh, I think I’ve got something for that, yes, yes I do.” (A friend had given me a tube of Flea and Tick Drops years ago) I didn’t think it would be as potent nor did I think that several hours later my little babies would be laying in the floor foaming at the mouth, jolting threw every muscle in their little bodies and slowly dying…


Needless to say they look nothing like in the picture now. They are limp, cold, wet little bodies with a very faint heartbeat and no breath left in them. The smaller baby died in my arms.


Now I have a sad mother cat and a broken heart. I will never forgive myself as long as I live.

I can’t believe trying to kill something as small as a flea can murder your pet. They really need to take this shit off the market or atleast start making warning labels so that people will know that it is a quick killer of YOUR PETS NOT THEIR FLEAS!

The fleas are still alive…


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  1. Oh god I am so sorry! I just don’t friggin understand why they don’t ban these products and remove them from the shelves??!!! What is wrong with our society??!!!!! My heart shares your pain.

  2. There are natural ways´s to get rid of such things as well as other problems with your animals you could save lots of money and
    vet cost. I am so sorry for your loss but i also had problems before with some flea and tick stuff and it left marks on my boy cat . If you would like to have more information on how to do that feel free to email me

  3. The box specifically says “DO NOT USE ON ANIMALS 3 MONTHS OR YOUNGER!!” You need to read the labels when you are attempting to home care for an animal! What BAN them? Some of us know how to read! Those that misuse products should be BANNED from buying them!

  4. Oh I also have a baby at home, so reading labels is even more important. Imagine I hadn’t read them and bought the collar! My baby plays with my dogs collar all the time, it is poison and can seriously harm a baby…. But I read the label and opted for the more expensive monthly dose product instead! I just don’t understand why people have a tendency to blame everyone else but themselves, when they are at fault for their own misfortune!

  5. and yet they stay on the shelves…i read the product label…did what it said and still my dog has been sick for 5 days now…I REALLY WAN TO KNOW WHY THERE ARENT ANY LAWSUITS PENDING

  6. For the people that said she used the drops on the kittens that werent old enough to use it.. yes they were to young for it..BUT thats not the point, my neighbor have used the stuff before and it killed their 3 YEAR old cat. So you guys need to QUIT BEING RUDE and know that even if they were 12weeks old, they would of died to, it dont matter the age!! Im so sorry to hear about the sweet little kittens 🙁 it’s not really your fault, but its a lesson learned for everyone, and i know someone probably is reading your story , my story and everyone elses story on here and i bet that our stories helped other people and taught people to not use this murderous brand,

  7. Those of you complaining about the age thing, thanks for your sympathy in making someone feel worse. I read the labels too.. on my 2-1/2 year old male cat.. Sergeants killed him. It poisioned his system. I have never used it since Smokeys death in April and have sent letters to the state reps here in Tennessee. I also put a letter in my local newspaper explaining how the product killed my pet. I also work at a retail store that sells the product and I tell everyone that try to buy the crap all about my cats death. It needs to be taken off the shelves. No matter how old the kittens were, that doesnt make their product safe. After all the stories I have read on this site and Sergeants.. this crap should had been pulled from the shelves and you wouldnt see these stories still today. We are putting our pets lives in danger and they trust us. This needs to be stopped!!!!!

  8. I just want to say that the box didnot mention age JUST WEIGHT. I DIDNOT post this to be discriminated against and I think that all of the hateful and childish comments that I have recieved have just made my experience that much worse. GET A LIFE. I’m just trying to warn other people not to make the same mistake I did and I hope you feel better about yourself in some way by posting that I can’t read, go fuck yourself asshole.

  9. Heike… I would love to know what you used as a “natural” method of killing fleas or the larvae….I am considering Diatomacious earth as a food addititive…?

    Thank you!

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