On watch for deadly reaction with my new puppy. so scared.

I am from the Northern Wyoming/Southern Montana region. I have had large breed dogs and they never had fleas out there. Whenever I adopted, I always gave the dogs a flea bath and kept an eye out for fleas and ticks but it was never an issue.

So, I move to Upstate New York. I adopted my first “puppy” Saint Bernard. We are overjoyed over our new little baby. We have had her less than a week.

I go to the Pet Supply store to get the healthiest kibble and hear all about the flea, tick and mosquito born illnesses dogs and cats can get out here vs. where I am from. I felt a little shocked and got right on the ball to treat my puppy.

Like the average person that knows nothing about flea and tick treatment, I head out to Walmart to get some treatment along with some housetraining supplies and some toys for the pup.

Her first vet visit was today. I wanted to get her in last week but they didn’t have any appts. available before. I wish they did! They seemed rather annoyed that I was ignorant to the flea and tick  borne disease epidemic out here and rushed me through the whole appointment. I had a list of questions and the vet and her assistant looked at each other, rolled their eyes and turn back with fake put on smiles…nice feeling. I am just trying to care for my dog and that is what they are there for and getting paid to do.

I told the vet I used hartz Ultraguard for dogs 31-60 lbs.  All she told me was that it doesn’t work and I have to wait about 3 weeks to use Frontline or another pricey, yet more effective treatment since it’s not safe to use something different/new so close in time.

I don’t like using pesticides on my pets because they are all poison in my opinion.

I get out to the front to check out and my bill is off the charts and all she really got was a rabies vaccine…

She had a full exam and I had the medical records from 9/9/11 but they have the policy that each new pet must get charged an office visit fee of $75.00. plus the cost of vaccine ….these prices are foriegn to me. So one lame uninformative and rushed office visit and 1 shot cost me $97.00. They actually had the nerve to charge me MORE because I had so many questions. I am NOT going back.

Ok HERE is the issue!!!!!! Sorry it took so long to get to the point. At the checkout counter, I asked about the Frontline they had for sale there so I could pick it up in 3-4 weeks. She asked me why I have to wait and I told her that I used Hartz Ultraguard plus and must wait 3-4 weeks to give her another treatment.

She scolded me for getting the cheap stuff and said to me that Hartz is known to kill pets so “keep an eye on your puppy” for a reaction over the next weeks or two. I came home and looked up info on the product and I am besides myself worried and angry.

I applied her treatment 3 days ago. I just bathed her in puppy shampoo for an hour. She is not showing signs of being sick but this is NOT GOOD THAT THEY HAVE THIS PRODUCT READIlY AVAILABLE ON THE MARKET IF IT IS KNOWN TO KILL OR SEVERLY INJURE OUR BEST FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don’t know what to do other than watch her. I want to contact Walmart to get the stuff off the shelves….My heart is breaking for all the little precious pets that suffered and/or died from this poison. I am sorry for all your suffering as a result of your pets getting very ill or having to have to say good-bye prematurely.

Just lost and falling in love with my new dog each minute and thinking she may get seriously ill or die is he!!. She’s just a 3 1/2 month-old pup. How will I feel if she gets sick or dies because of my ignorance? I will feel responsible.

Hartz needs to go out of business because they don’t love animals. They love money and I do agree they prey on the people that are ignorant or looking to save money.


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  1. I did the samething about two weeks ago with my Maltipoo that is 2 years old. Our dog is just fine.. No bad reaction. I found out today from my groomer to throw the stuff away. I gor it at Kroger as a last minute thing. I figure that since Frontline’s patent expired that this was a pure generic. I was wrong. I think your puppy will be fine, just do not use it again. I have no plans to on my end.

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