Need advice, used Hartz Spray

Hello, I’m an owner of an older Jack Russell and about a month ago found he had fleas. Well we bathed him and vacuumed our apartment. I ran across the street to the pharmacy and all they had was Hartz. So I applied that and then sprayed select areas of carpet, my dogs bed, our couch, and some pillows.

While I haven’t seen any negative side affects, I did find this site and it worried me greatly. It’s only been one day since I sprayed my apartment but I’m worried when I see him licking the pillow or just sitting there that the Hartz spray is there slowly getting to him. What worries me more is we have a new puppy coming Sunday to be his companion. I’m worried to that this will affect the puppy. Is there anything I can do, apart from trashing the pillows, bed, couch, that can prevent a possible poisoning? Or am I now in the clear and should consider myself lucky there weren’t any side affects? I would appreciate any and all advice. Thank you.

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  1. I used it but it was for cats. My 5 month old kitten had a bad reaction right after the spray was put on. he began salivating everywhere , almost as if he forgot to swallow his water it just kept pouring out. Pooh Bear, my kitten than had a seizure. He is okay now though. hart’z told me it was my fault i used it, im not sure why they would ever say that. But they told me he was allergic to all the poison and pesticides in it, i was shocked they put that stuff in it

  2. I have the same question, I have a puppy.

    If anyone has had an experience positive or negative please share.

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