Too late for Emmy

Unfortunately I found this page too late. This weekend I applied the sergeants spot to my two cats Lily and M&m never thinking that this was even possible. Left to do shopping and got the call that my cats were convulsing. I wish I would not of left them alone blame myself for not watching. We were able to save Lily the er vet worked through the night on m&m. He had bit his tongue so badly and had surgery to repair it but his heart stopped. The er vet said this is common. Why is hartz able to continue with this product? So whatever I tried to save in using a cheaper brand cost my dearly. $1,000 er vet bill but most importantly the loss of my beloved m&m

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  1. I’m very sorry for your loss. I worked for an emergency vet & your story is, sadly, not uncommon. Please report the reaction & death to the EPA. They are the ones who regulate these products, not the FDA. They need to know the TRUE numbers of adverse reactions & deaths caused by this product. Very few are actually reported to them. If they know what’s really happening, they can pull it from the market.
    Again, I’m very sorry for your loss.

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