never buying hartz again!

my cat is an indoor cat. never been outside so i was very surprised to find a flea in his brush while i was grooming him. well, being on a budget, i went to walmart and bought hartz ultra guard, thinking it was a step up from the other hartz stuff. i applied it and he started scratching everywhere immediately and his skin was twitching on his back. I cant believe i didnt think to read the box and research first. Well, Hartz uses methoprene in their flea treatment for cats so i went online and researched it and learned that its highly toxic to cats and has caused over 200 cat deaths! then i came across this site and read the stories. i freaked out and put my kitty Loki in the tub and washed him with normal pet shampoo to remove the flea drop treatment. he seems to be acting fine right now and even ate some treats. im hoping nothing happens! im so worried he will get sick! what i want to know is, WHY is Hartz using Methoprene in their flea treatment for cats if it can kill them??!! this product needs to be recalled! do not buy Hartz!!!! I am returning everything back to walmart tomorrow!

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