I used Hartz Flea and Tick Spray

My dog is 8 months old and hes a American Cocker Spaniel and hes also my baby..but he got fleas and we didnt have much money so we bought Hartz flea and tick spray on him and right away he threw up 2 times and didnt stop crying and shaking i was scared i didnt want him to get sick and losing him…so i washed the spray off as i was doing so i touch his inner thigh and he yelped as i look he has a welt and some sores after i washed it off him he was still shaking and didnt want to do nothing but sleep and not move he was always wanting on my lap to rest so i looked up Hartz and this is where it took me i was reading these stories and i tried not to cry i seen one where someone said Hartz to wash the dog/cat in Dawn dish soap so i did that to my dog and now hes running around playing and being like his self again which i am so happy about that but i been using Hartz shampoo for a month or 2 and nothing has happend but im scared to use it now…..whats the cheapest best thing to use?

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  1. Hi Kimmy! I have four american cocker spaniels (two puppies and two adults), and they are all my babies! I had a flea problem awhile ago, I know they can be nasty pests. I had to treat my home, but luckily my vet sold a spray that I was able to use myself, it is only sold by vets and its called VET-KEM Syphotrol, I had to evacuate everyone out of each room before i started spraying, but once it was dry (in about a half hour), we were all able to walk on the floors again. The spray only cost me 25 dollars. If fleas are a problem, then its best to spray your home, especially since each adult female flea lays 27 eggs a day on average! Since then I have been vacuuming everyday, and emptying out the vacuum after each time, but it’s important to empty the vacuum outside. I also use the new product called PetArmor, which costs $25 for three doses at Walmart. And so far I have had excellent results, fleas are no longer a problem. But if you buy the petarmor, make sure you know how much your dog weighs, because you can make him very sick if you give him a higher dosage than what he needs, you can probably still use the puppy one because that one is good for dogs up to 22lbs, and only use it once per month, every thirty days.

  2. Dawn dish soap of course, and the safest. Plus go to your vet, if the fleas are eating him up you can prob get a capstar pill for around $5, which will kill all the fleas off within 12 hrs (most likely 30min) and last 24hrs. The vets are still suggesting Frontline, but that seems to be working less and less over the years… cheap doesn’t seem to enter into it much. Vet + $40(or so) = seems to be the only option I see. Try Revolution, the best bang for your buck.

    You prob wont even need an appointment.

  3. The best bet when caring for your loved ones is to go to a pet shop for the best advice. It maybe more expensive, but it’s worth it in the long run!! Especially when you can talk with someone that has the knowledge of the products instead of grocery store/pharmacies. They just put on shelf to sell something and don’t know what is in these products can hurt our animals!
    I hope everything works out!

  4. I have 2 kittens and 3 ferrets. I have a “habit” (my husband calls it) of rescuing animals that r in bad enviornments and finding good homes. Flea r sometimes with those rescued. I only bathe my animals in dawn dishsoap and use a flea comb. If the fleas r bad I get some frontline. They have all been fine with it. At the vet u can get 1 month at a time and now if u need to use it more then 3 months frontline will refund everythiong u paid. After reading this site I will NEVER use or allow anyone I know to use any of these horrible products

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