I decided to save a few dollars and pick up Hartz flea/tick medication from Walmart for my two dogs.  Within 2 days my St. Bernard had sores all over his body causing me to run to my vet and spend a few hundred dollars to ease his pain and discomfort.  Luckily my golden retriever did not have a reaction like this, but my St. Bernard had to be shaved and I have to bathe him 2x weekly for at least a month to be sure all the poision is off his skin and coat.   I will be writing to Hartz and submitting pictures  and also writing to Walmart to encourage them to remove ALL Hartz products of their shelves.

One thought on “DO NOT USE HARTZ”

  1. I unaware of the poor quality of Harts kitten formula. I too found 5 abandoned kittens. They were in a mud puddle. Soaked in mud my little boys and I took them in,washed them off dried them off. we went to Walmart got Harts formula gave them it. 2 days later we lost 3 of them . It was so sad. I switch formulas started with a week amount then gradually made it the way it’s meant to be made we won the battle. they’ll be 3 weeks old Saturday Oct 8. Today both kittens are eating well and starting to play my little boys and I are thrilled to see them pull through. Yet we still have the 3 little ones that died. I almost felt like taking them to the store and ask them why they sell poison for little pets. I’ve raised kittens from day 1 before but I used a different formula. I will not ever go to that store again.

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