Don’t buy Sergeant’s green natural flea &tick spray for cats&kittens!!

I have a 9 months old male kitty who had fleas and i couldn’t afford any of the expensive flea products, i didn’t think anything bad would happen by purchasing products by Sergeant’s because i had already bought their products for my dog and they worked great on him. I didn’t have any problems the first time i sprayed my cat with the sergeant’s green natural flea&tick spray other than it didn’t seem to be working so a couple days later i sprayed him again. He started screaming very loud and even peed on the rug so i stopped spraying wondering what the heck was going on. When he finally came out of hiding i checked him for anything that could be hurting him but couldn’t find anything so i decided to give him a bath just to be sure. While i was drying him off from his bath i saw what the flea spray had done to him, he had horrible chemical burns all the way from his neck to his belly. Poor thing is still shedding skin from his burns but at least he is feeling like himself again…I WILL NEVER BUY SERGEANT’S EVER AGAIN AND NO ONE ELSE SHOULD EITHER!! I can’t believe that they allow stores to sell all these harmful treatments that harm or can kill our precious pets.

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  1. I’m sorry your baby had such a reaction to this stuff. Please report it to the EPA. They are the ones who regulate this stuff due to the pesticide in it, so the more they are aware of, the more likely it is they can pull it from the market.

  2. I wish I had searched the web prior to having used this product. I thought it was ok because it was “all natural.” I almost didn’t apply it because of the smell, but I did, and my beloved cat had a reaction involving large quantities of clear liquid pouring from his nose and foaming profusely at the mouth. It took 3 baths with grease-removing dish soap to get it off of him. My poor cat and myself as well were both in shock after this traumatic experience. I feel so horrible that I almost killed my friend over the “savings” of not buying expensive vet products. NOT WORTH IT.

    I’m sorry you had this traumatic experience as well, yours was even worse, and I know how upset I was so I can relate.. like you, I am committed to spreading the word NOT to buy these products!

  3. A friend was petsitting for me and she went out and purchased Seargents Green Flea and Tick. She applied it and said it worked great. but when I returned from my vacation I notice my pet has a lot of missing hair in certain areas and her belly which was pink when I left is now greyish. I am assuming this is from the product based on the stories I found on the internet that I just so happened to stumble across in researching this product. I hope she didnt have any pain. Sorry to hear so many misfortunes. I will not use this product nor buy.

  4. I’m starting to think I’m the only one who had a good experience with this stuff! I’ve used it twice now, on two different cats. It worked swiftly, smelled good, and the only thing resembling an adverse reaction was that one of my cats started drooling profusely after I put it on her- however I’m not about to cry wolf; this product contains clove oil, which is highly numbing. If she got any on her tongue, lips and gums while grooming, then the effect is clear. Anyone who ever came home from dental work with a face full of Novocaine knows that.

  5. I recently used Sergeant’s Green Natural Flea and Tick Spray as well. I had used it once before without a problem. The second time I used the spray my cat had a horrible reaction. He is lethargic, has no appetite, and twitches when he walks. This product is not registered my EPA so filing a complaint may not help get the product off the shelves. I wish I had read your stories before I bought this product. Never again!

  6. “…so a couple days later I sprayed him again.” Is this per the product instructions?

    I have only used the Sergeant’s Green squeeze-on application. Out of 4 cats, only one had any sort of bad reaction, and I’m pretty sure that was due to my sloppy application, because kitty was squirming around. Shortly after application, one kitty walked into the room with some frothy spittle at her mouth, I’m guessing because she was able to lick at some of the product. But she also might have tried to munch on a camel cricket in the basement…

    Either way, it was much less traumatic for my kitties than chemical-based products we had used before. It did not totally get rid of fleas but it drastically reduced their population.


    I used this on my 2 cats. 1 had a reaction immediately , she started panting heavily and running around the house. Then she ran up on the sofa and pooped. She never did anything like this , even as a kitten. She kept running to her food bowl and sniffing her food. All the while panting heavily. I knew something terribly wrong ! I took her and gave her 2 good washes with dawn dish soap which works great on grease and oils , and dried her off. The other cat didn’t seem to be having much of a bad reaction , other than just not liking the smell. I SHOULD have bathed him right away as well. I did not , and was actually away for a day after this , as he seemed fine when I left. I came home to find him just sitting in a corner , huddled up with his head down. It being late on a Saturday evening (and regular vet was closed) , I brought him to bed with me and tried to comfort him by petting him. He purred a bit and stayed with me for a while. I woke the next day to find him huddled again , with his head down , looking worse than the previous day. I had not seen him eat or drink in a few days , which as you know can be very serious , as the kidneys can shut down. I went to pick him up and he growled at me. He never did this. So , into the tubshower he went. I can still hear the horrible cries as I was wahing him in the tub. Poor thing was probably in extreme pain and then to have to deal with the stress of the shower! What really scared me is I thought I saw blood coming out of him while washing him. I could not find any (to my relief) and later I realized it was probably very concentrated urine , that was very dark as he had not had a drink in at least a few days. That was it ! I brought him to an emergency clinic. When vet examined him he would growl loudly or hiss loudly , after being lightly touched just about anywhere on his body. Well , I brought bottle of Sargeant’s green for vet to examine and 1 of the main ingredients is isopropyl (rubbing) alchohol. If you read a bottle of rubbing alchohol it will say do NOT apply to large areas of skin , and that if ingested can cause EXTREME gastric distubances. Well vet put my buddy on IV pain killers right away and gave him something else to flush his system out. I was able to bring him home the next evening ($700 later) and he was not himself for at least a few weeks. Probably took a month for him to recover , and at least a few months to fully “trust” me again. I can’t say I blame him. All I know is I would have been devastated had he not made it seeing I did this to him. Luckily my friend made it and with his unconditional love , has learned to trust me again. But I can still hear those horrible cries ! Sorry for being long-winded. But , do yourself a favor. DO NOT buy these over the counter products. The 1st cat had a bad reaction to Hartz as well. NEVER again. Now I only use Frontline (which seems to have lost it’s effectiveness after quite a while) and now Advantage (which works well). Please do not risk harm to your friend or end up with a large vet bill. That $700 could have bought safe , quality flea products for many , many years to come…..

  8. Oh BTW…..

    Although my story had a decent (I can NOT say happy) ending , it did leave me with a $700 vet bill , I can ill afford. But my sincire condolences to those of you whose pets were not so lucky. I feel your pain. I really do! Even though my lil guy seems to be OK now , I am going to continue to work to help get these products taken off the shelves , everywhere. There is at least 10 years of horror stories on this site alone , and this has probably been going on a lot longer. If these products are so safe , why do some of them tell US to wear gloves ? 10+ years of this , and countless victims is way too many. Lets all do what we can to put a stop to this. Don’t these people realize that pets ARE family to many of us ? I mean when you have a loved one who is ill , wondering or worrying how you will pay the bill is the farthest thing from your mind. I did want to end by saying that I really feel bad for all of you who lost pets. Let’s all work together and get something done about this !

    1. Hi, chairman71, I’m *SOOO* sorry for what you & you’re beloved furbabies went through ~ along with *ALL* of the other pet parents who shared their stories regarding this “All Natural” flea & tick product. I can’t even begin to imagine how horrible & *SCARY* that must have been, not only for you, but your beloved kitties as well. ♥=^..^=♥=^..^=♥=^..^=♥=^..^=♥=^..^=♥=^..^=♥=^..^=♥
      After reading through the COMMENTS ~ more like *HORROR* Stories!! ~ and the pet parents (+ YOU!) who’d *LOVE* to see this (and other brands which have caused such terrible adverse reactions) *PULLED* from the market, I wanted to chime in with the idea/suggestion of getting a *PETITION* going, through, asking pet parents who’ve gone through hell with this product, to eagerly add their signatures.

      When enough signatures have been obtained, submit the petition to the appropriate authorities…..Having said that, I see in the comment posted above yours that this product *ISN’T* registered with the EPA…. So I’m not sure which other authorities would be/are, in charge of overseeing the sale and overall *SAFETY* of products like this, and should be notified.

    2. Have you researched the chemicals used in Frontline and Advantage? These have some serious chemicals too, and if a companion cat licks these chemicals off of his/her partner’s fur, look out. I have been using Sergeant’s Green as an alternative to such chemicals, without an issue on 3 different cats, but now I’m scared to do that and don’t know what to do. I’ve lost a cat to seizures and for years I have suspected those big-name flea repellants like Frontline, which I used ….

  9. Never ever ever buy this product! I’m all into “natural” stuff, and didn’t want to put the other pesticides on my cats, but WHAT a mistake. It smelled horribly as soon as I put it on, and 24 hrs later was just as bad, and causing me throat irritation and lips burning. The poor cats HATED it and were crying and drooling, so we had to give them a bath with liquid dishwashing soap (to cut grease) and we used the Shaklee Basic H (cleaner and neutralizer). I am keeping an eye on them and hope the drooling stops and we don’t have to go to the vet. My throat / lips are still irritated and I have to air out my office even tho it is 35 degrees out! I have one more tube and would like to use it on the people at Sergeant’s that created it– and see how they like chemical burns!!!

    p.s. I always read reviews on the internet, but I stupidly purchased this at my grocery without reading reviews. Never ever again.

  10. I have a medium-sized cat colony..I have one cat who has persistent fleas and does not like flea medications of any kind..I spray the yard regularly with a household name brand spray and with a “natural” spray product..I was searching for something more natural to use on my cat and came across “Sergeant’s green natural flea..etc. product and thought it would be good for my cat..I applied it on the back of her neck and it was pretty strong smelling like my natural spray product for my yard and she seemed to take to it ok..however shortly thereafter her behavior was more nervous and although she was always a vocal cat became more vocal especially around feeding time and was spending more time hiding in a corner in my bathroom; however coming for food and water..we left for vacation for one week and came home and found a note from our cat sitter that our lovely cat did not come out of the bathroom that day but was crying loudly so she put food and water for her..we came that nite to find her barely alive, her skin was pink under her gray fur..still very sweet but foam around her I cleaned her and the bathroom up petting her and comforting her and she passed away shortly thereafter…I knew her behavior had changed since using the product and so sad and sorry that I didn’t totally wash the product off of her but the signs were subtle then too late..please heed the warning.

  11. I have a indoor cat, still not quite adult. She was covered in fleas from being outside. (We live in the country). Despite the strong lemon-like smell, I had no problem with this brand. I put her first application 48 hrs ago and Ive only seen her itch once. Yes, when she licked it she foamed at the mouth, but she learned real quick not to do that. After battling with fleas for weeks.. I think the battle is over.. I still have three more applications to gladly use!

  12. I looked up this site because of my experience with the “Sergeant’s Green Natural Flea & Tick Spray”. I put water in a plastic cup and sprayed some in the cup. I was using a flea comb and knocking the fleas into the cup. The next time I saw the cup, it had melted at the top of the water line where the spray was. I was shocked because the stuff is in a plastic bottle. If it is going to eat into a plastic cup, I don’t think it is healthy for my kittens.

  13. OK everyone, I have been using this product for SEVERAL YEARS without any problem (except that my cats hate when I apply it on them, just like every other flea-tick application). But I believe these accounts so I don’t want to use it on my 2 loving felines anymore …. SO WHAT IS SAFE TO USE? I lost one cat already to seizures and I will never know if the flea/tick meds that I used for years caused them, but I have a suspicion they could have. I used Sergeant’s Green as an alternative to all the potentially harmful chemicals. Now I read this and I have no clue what to do, I only know that I live in the forest and my cats will have fleas and ticks in no time if I don’t keep up with prevention …..

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