I usually use Vectra on my pitbull puppy (who is a child to me!) but we are low on cash this month after moving to the south and because bugs are so much worse down here I decided to pick up Hartz Ultraguard Plus to try on him. Luckily, I decided to research before I even opened the box and I’ll definitely be returning it! So sorry to all of you who lost a pet friend using this garbage. Thank you all for sharing though

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  1. You may be surprised to learn that Vectra and Vectra 3D were created by Hartz. Summit VetPharm was formed to market those products exclusively to veterinarians because Hartz knew that pet owners trusted veterinarians.

  2. Let me add to Hamishdad’s comments (above) about Vectra products. Hartz’s chief scientist (Dr. Albert Ahn) who owns a patent on the Hartz flea and tick products containing the ingredient phenothrin (pesticide neurotoxin; volume 85.7%))was moved from Hartz to Summit VetPharm (sister company, both owned at that time by Sumitomo Corporation) precisely to develop similar pesticide neurotoxin topical spot-on products that Summit VetPharm could market exclusively through veterinarians. Hartz, for decades, had attempted to distribute their products through veterinarians without success. Veterinarians had witnessed first hand the carnage created by Hartz and wanted no part of their flea and tick products. Sumitomo and Hartz found a “back door” by creating Summit VetPharm. They have been successful in their objective and Vectra products for dogs and cats are now distributed through veterinary channels. Unfortunately, their products have harmed many animals and created tragic situations for families. Summit VetPharm was recently sold to another company, making Sumitomo many millions of dollars. Please, strongly consider using safer products and approaches–these are lethal products.

  3. Well that’s disturbing to find out. Do vets realize this and just not care? That kind of makes sense because when I log on to petmeds I can’t find the vectra product at all. I have been using that on him since he was 8 lbs and luckily we’ve never had any problems at all with it but I’m definitely switching. Any thoughts on K9 Advantix 2?

  4. Well that’s disturbing to know! Do vets realize this and just not care or do they not do their research? It makes sense now because when I log on to petmeds they don’t sell any vectra products and I assume that’s why. I have been giving my puppy vectra since he was 8lbs and luckily I’ve never had any problems but I’ll definitely be switching. Any thoughts on K9 Advantix II?

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