What *IS* safe to use….I am so scared to use anything.

My heart goes out to everyone who has lost a pet or has one who is now so sickly!!

I have 4 dogs 2 Lab Brothers one of which has very bad allergies and the other we almost lost to Pancreatitis. The other 2 brothers are Catahouls. We had been using Cap-Star as needed without any other flea regiment because I am deathly afraid to put anything topical on them but that has created a flea problem at the moment.

Things I have tried: Skin-so-Soft, Dr. Bronner Peppermint Soaps, De Flea Spray and a locally made Tick-Flicker. I had even gotten them herbal collars but then I researched the ingredients and Penny Royal Oil is toxic as was another oil in it. Also tried food-grade diatomaceous earth both on the floors as well as the dogs. I am at really at my wits end and I feel so bad for their itching, since its my job to stop it.

Can any one offer some insight ??  tara


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  1. I have 3 ferrets and 2 kittens. My vet gives them frontline and we have had no probs. I would check with a vet due to the one with allergies

  2. Like they said Frontline has no stories online of pets dying or getting sick from it. It is the only thing i will put on my pets and there is a cheaper version of capstar on littlecitydogs.com that I find works just as well

  3. I only use food grade Diatomaceous Earth on my pets. You can dust them with it and you can also feed it to them daily in their food. It has no taste and they won’t even know it is there. It is safe to use even on kittens and puppies, just don’t let it coat their nose. I also use Dr. Shawns Flea and Tick Shampoo. He is a licensed holistic veterinarian in Dallas, TX. You can order his products online and his does NOT contain Penny Royal or any other lethal ingredients.

  4. i’m going through the same ordeal—-i finally settled on salt on all the carpets, and covering the salted carpets with tarps, to protect my cats. the salt will dry out the fleas, though it might take awhile.

    you can also use borax on carpets, though that detergant can actually be dangerous.

    flea comb your pets, throwing the flea off the comb into toilet right away. not exactly pleasant, but combing does help. also use dawn detergant on pets, shampoo them every few days—even soap can kill fleas, as long as it contacts them right away.

    combing and salting carpet—-and cleaning anywhere pet lays; look for salt and pepper dirt around that area.

    d earth is bad news—especially to breath.

    my cat is 18, and has lived this long, thanks to no toxic stuff on him.

  5. I thought that the Front Line was just as bad as the Hartz. Its harsh toxic chemicals and you kids can’t touch the pets for a few days after it is applied….I would have to re-research it but I thought it was the same chemicals in ant traps and you also have to dispose of it carefully….and in my case with the dogs skin irritated, it would be absorbed more easily into the skin/bloodstream. I want a walk in freezer so we can all hang out in there a couple times a week and freeze them off 🙂 lol – JK!!

    I ordered Program but then in while I was waiting for it, I found that it also can cause adverse reactions!! I found that info in the book The Nature of Animal Healing by Martin Goldstein.(Just so you know I’m not pulling things out of the air).

  6. I give my dogs and cat brewers yeast everyday. They take all year. No fleas, but my terrier still itches a little lat in the summer. And I give thenm DE every week too.

  7. Revolution! This is the absolute best medication to treat animals for fleas (adults, eggs, larvae), ticks, sarcoptic mange, heartworm, roundworm and ear mites! I’ve worked in a veterinary hospital since 2007 and this is the only medication I will use, because I know it’s safe and effective! Hope this helps!

  8. NO poison is safe or recommended by me! No frontline, no advantix, none of that crap! It’s all the same… neurotoxins designed to KILL…. they not only harm your pets but member of the household too. There are natural alternatives out there… lots of options… DE, essential oils, bathing, vacuuming treating the yard with a garlic spray.

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