sargents silver flea and tick spray killed our kitten

we had a perfectly healthy playful kitten last week up until i tried to treat her for fleas. we were short on money so we figured lets buy some cheap flea spray until we can get revolution from the vets. we had never had a problem this bad before so i didnt think anything was wrong with the idea. i sprayed our 4 cats with this stuff and it didnt realy seem to be helping that much but i started to notice our 9 year old male cat losing weight and anything on him that was white was covered in blood. this happened about a day later. our 14 week old kitten started having the same symptoms. i just figured they were anemic from the fleas and if i took them both to the vet they would be fine. little did i know that it would only get worse. about 4 days after the inital spraying our male cat had lost about 3 pounds he was lethargic and crying so loud i didnt know what was wrong and he just kept getting worse. friday night we gave him a flea bath and once we set him down on the floor he couldnt even move anymore he had gotten that much worse he just laid there his head on the floor no more fight in him i felt like the worst person in the world i thought i had killed him by giving him a bath. we kept a close eye on him gave him sam-e and forced water into him. eventualy he came around a little bit. we fed him wet food until he was strong enough to eat hard food again and now hes almost the same cat i had before hes still skinny but hes alive. unfortunately our 14 week old kitten wasnt as lucky. she started having the same symptoms as our male cat. we took the same steps to try and bring her back but nothing was working. the one symptom she had that our male didnt was seizures and once she started she didnt stop. she suffered so much just because we tried to make our cats lives as flea free as possible and i honeslty feel like a murder. i killed our kitten and almost my cat just because i wanted to buy cheap stuff. please dont use this on any animal it should be banned from every store. i hope something is done about this soon how manyh more animals have to die and suffer severe effects before they listen to us.

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  1. My 5 month old kitten had a partial seizure from this as well. He was salivating everywhere and my boyfriend thought he just drank a lot of water and forgot to swallow it, but it was saliva. He was also jumping and leaping around eveywhere gagging and shaking. After a while i gave him a water bath, this seemed to work and than he curled and went to sleep. but his breathes were really short and distant and i thought he was dieing. And by this time i’m crying and thinking i’m a 19 year old who cheapened out and is basically killed my cat. He is better now, though. I told myself if Pooh Bear died, i was going to quit my vet technician studies. He is alive. I am so sorry to hear about your cats. It’s a shame. And don’t bother calling Hart’z they wont do anything, they just told me that my kitten was probably allergic to the PESTCIDE that was in it 🙁

  2. i just gave my kitty a bath and she had fleas so bad and as soon as i took her out of the bathroom she died i killed my kitty with flea shampoo

  3. i just gave my cat with flea shampoo and as soon as i brought her out of the bathroom she died i killed mt kitty with the shampoo i just wanted her to not have fleas she had so many and i wanted her happy instead i killed her

  4. I am sooo sorry.. I too thought i was the worse person in the world a week ago… i thought it was my fault i killed my 7 month old kitten. my 7 yr old son brought it into perspective for me…. Mama, you didnt kill the kitten… the scientist that made that bad stuff and sold it to you did !……. so true.. so true Now im on a National campaign to stop Hartz…. Im trying to get all the ammunition i can get……. i am remembering every story on here, every cats and dogs name !!!!! RIP little buddies… meet you on Rainbow Bridge…. you never stood a chance, you didnt have a voice……… I DO… and a big mouth !!!!

  5. we lost our precous Nala at 2:30 today…Our other Bella is still at the vets..We are waiting to hear.I gave them sergents flea and tick spot and its made all my cats sick.I had to watch Nala seizure for hours and finally die from this crap..Why is it on the market..I always use frontline but we have a 3 week old baby and i did not want fleas on my baby…please help.Any information is greatly appreciated.I am so devistaded about this..

  6. its been three years since I wrote my story and they are still selling this crap and it is killing our pets. how many more have to die or get seriously ill before they stop making these products. we ended up losing our 10 year old male a year ago 8 months after I had posted my story and I know it was the after effects of this product. he was never quite right after this incident and to this day I still feel like a murderer. he was my baby boy and now he is gone all because I tried to help him by using what I could afford.

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