Im soooo worried

I put Hartz flea powder on my rugs…. 2 days ago, 3 of my cats are fine… my little 7 month old kitten is now lethargic…. im seeing shaking in his front leg, i called vet said give him a bath to get residue off him, ive been force feeding him water, he seems dehydrated…. will try to get to vet tomorrow, our area in state of emergency Flooding all around…. Ive GOT to SAVE Him…. he’s our Baby. I cant believe Hartz would have such a product. knowing what it does !!!! Ive read others letters. Im in tears… so sorry for your loses……. Saying a prayer !!! will let you know if i make it to vet tomorrow and what he says ! thanks for listening. Suzy

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  1. I hope ur baby is ok. I have been thinking of him all night. What is really sad is I told my husband about this page last night and he told me that hartz killed his cat 12 years ago. I hope urs will be ok

  2. UPDATE>>>>>>>> My baby Junior died today…. Im heartbroken and pissed at the same time….. HARTZ will hear from me……. this isnt the end. its the beginning ! my baby kitten 7 months old tomorrow is DEAD because of their negligence ! vet said first he was dehydrated, so she gave him fluids on fri, took him back sat for more fluids, seem to perk up a little sun night, yesterday Monday, seemed some better, we were so happy… he ate some food and drank some milk, even jogged a little ( i say jogged cuz it wasnt quite his normal playful self) this am, ok, still drowzy…… an hour later, he went into seizures, rushed to vet… she had to put him down…. he had kidney failure and 108 fever, and brain damage…. even if she couldve saved him, i couldnt let him suffer……. here i am heartbroken, and had to tell my son . age 7 when he got home from school…. Junior was his buddy and bestest friend….. HARTZ WILL PAY !!!!!!!!!!! thanks for listening ! suzy

  3. Me Again !!! Suzy…. PLEASE Join me… Im on a National Campaign to STOP HARTZ……. i made a T shirt wore it to Wal Mart today. had at least 100 ppl read it…. 5 ppl asked me what it i stood in Walmart with an audience. telling them how this product killed my precious Junior. so Im getting the word out there. Ive written two distinct letters…. One to Hartz… of which they will get a copy of it and my bill every week for the next 2 yrs. till i get satisfaction….. the other is going out Nationally… to media, congressmen,animal organizations. everyone i can possibly think of… please I urge you to do the same !!!!!!! No body told me…. I have to get the word out there to save another cat or dog….. so Junior hasnt died in vain ! dont be afraid… Make a T shirt… write on it …..
    BOYCOTT HARTZ their products can harm and KILL your Pet. when ppl ask, tell of your own experience and others read on this site….. PLEASE im begging you. TELL everyone you meet. will keep you posted on my campaign…. believe me you will hear about me…. if i get arrested… so be it.. theyll hear me then wont they !!!!

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